The role of followers to promote business on Instagram

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Thursday, October 22, 2020 - 10:43pm

The revolution of the Internet has impacted many things among them is the advertisement and promotion of businesses. Nowadays, firms prefer Social media platforms to advertise their brands as it is economical, a specific audience can be targeted and time-saving. 

Promotion of business through Instagram

Instagram is the most used platform for advertisement among many other social media websites. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a different strategy. There you have the Followers on your account and people can only like or comment. The main thing is to get as many followers as you can to get more engagements and likes. To attract the audience, the firms have to buy or attract  followers on their account. Moreover, the Algorithm of Instagram works in a way that if you get engagements or likes on your posts, your post  will be featured in the search section to those people who have not yet followed the account but have an interest in the category your brand is offering. The organic growth of the followers is a slow process that takes a lot of time so as alternatives many PR firms are offering Fake Followers to increase the numbers. Increasing your followers can increase exponentially the business growth. But the question is how will the brand get benefit from the Fake followers? 

Ultimately, if you are considering purchasing followers for your Instagram account, then it is crucial that you do your research. For example, reading reviews of Instagram growth services like Growthoid might help you to plan your next steps. Some Instagram growth services are better than others and therefore it is important to compare your options. 

Purchasing Instagram Followers

Whenever an ordinary person visits an Instagram accounts the first thing he/she sees is the number of followers on the Account, because the Instagram does not have the feature of review section so it is the only method to judge whether the Account is legitimate and trustworthy or not, but this method is not effective until one manages to get the real followers too as bots are nothing but fake profiles. This method is used to build the Brand image when it is new as every person is afraid of fraud by the new and unrecognized online brands, there are many brands which are selling followers but you should only choose Active Followers to Buy Instagram Followers UK, followers which they are providing are 100 % real human.  

Using Influencers to Increase Engagements

The other method to attract the followers on Instagram is to send your product to one influencer on Instagram, who would wear or use that and post it on Instagram by mentioning the account of the brand. The influencers, however, charge hefty amounts but it is one of the best methods to gain engagement and legitimate followers on one’s account. The influencer can also be invited to live stream with you on your own account, in this way when the Influencers get live all of his followers will be notified and many of them can follow you if you compel to attract them. 

Instagram advertisement services to increase followers

One more method is to simply put your brand up on ads by using the Instagram advertisement service. The benefit of this method is that you can target the specific audience by their search history, age, gender, or location. If a brand advertises a product on Television then the management of the audience is not in their hand and every type of person will watch the ad but on Instagram, it is totally in the brand’s hand. For instance, if a brand is selling Footballs, it can target a specific audience by giving the age range of teens and youngsters and not targeting the people greater than 30 years, which increases the chances of selling products more and attracting followers and likes. 

Reason of Choosing Instagram to promote Business

The reason why many brands are preferring Instagram as their primary advertiser, is because it is time and energy saving. The admin of the account can manage it from anywhere, can accept the orders, or reply to the question asked by buyers. The answers can also be automated by using Automated chat by listing frequently asked questions and answers thus saving time for the admin. The admin can live stream for his products and do Question and answer AKA QA for his followers on a regular basis to make them aware of the latest products. Many people prefer to see the product in the video as it can not be photoshopped or made to look attractive then it is. 


Customer satisfaction should be the ultimate priority because even after spending hefty amounts on getting or buying followers this could go all in vain if the customer is not satisfied with the product or the services. The pictures of the product should not be highly photoshopped as it could  develop a mistrust among the followers and in the end, it can result in loss of followers or a bad comment that can hurt the brand’s image. 

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