Is real estate benchmarking the future for investments?

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 11:27am

Real Estate Investments warrant strict checks and while it has always been tricky, the inclination of people towards investing in Real Estate refuses to die down. With the world now being a global village, the investments keep flowing in.

Like the rest of the technological landscape, the property investments portfolio is also seeing huge changes as the need for making informed decisions is increasing more than ever before.

The rapidly evolving world and technology have given birth to intricate methods that help evaluate property holding companies and organizations. The process involves going through tedious financial statements and audit reports to achieve a fair representation and the end result is an ingenious Real Estate Benchmark.

Industry leading real estate benchmark

Fair representation and comparison are only possible when the industry is evaluated on the same standards. Real Estate Benchmark is currently the only right way of evaluating real estate holdings and investments.

GRESB is the industry standard real estate benchmark that makes evaluating property holding institutions and company evaluation effortless and convenient. GRESB helps the masses by mining data of public enterprises, companies, and other institutions by analyzing their financial statements.

The information in financial statements and audit reports might not be relevant to investment decisions or real estate investments and is sometimes too much to absorb for a novice investor.

A benchmark smoothes out this problem by standardising the information to make it comparable. GRESB also includes an environmental, social, and governance score that doubles as a sustainability index for institutions.

GRESB - Paving the way for sustainable growth

Benchmarking the industry growth and comparing individual companies or institutions against that benchmark allows the stakeholders to gauge the level of success that a company is enjoying and enables the investors to make informed investment decisions. This makes investing and evaluating so much easier for the layman and the experts as well.

The sustainability index along with the real estate benchmark makes decision-making simpler and removes the unnecessary variables that might just be technical jargon for some people. In addition, focusing on sustainability allows for a better future for the country and the planet.

Real Estate Benchmark - Taking the Earth in perspective

With the world evolving every day and embracing the idea of a global village, the real estate benchmark carries a lot more importance than some would think. Abenchmark that operates globally means that GRESB allows individuals, companies, fund managers and other stakeholders to make investment comparisons and decisions more efficiently and in a fail-safe manner.

While most indexes have local applications and are only useful within a small geographical boundary, GRESB allows the global community to connect and compare the real estate environment in real-time.

This allows for a uniform platform that makes the world a true global village capable of comparisons and meaningful analysis across different countries.

Why trust the GRESB Global Real Estate Benchmark?

Making a decision based on biased information or word of mouth is a thing of the past as the world moves towards a more connected and informed space. Sustainability is becoming more and more important and GRESB is at the heart of sustainable practices by offering Real Estate benchmarks and ESG scores that allow investors the freedom and choice they’d want when making the final decision regarding investments.

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