The importance of data security for business owners

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Monday, May 3, 2021 - 3:26pm

Today, as the situation has turned grim than ever, staying indoors has become more of a necessity. This has pushed many businesses to work remotely, evolving the work-from-home culture. As this has become the new normal, data and system security has become a crucial aspect.

Every task today requires the Internet. It has helped businesses adapt to situations better enhancing the communication between clients and businesses. Every time you surf online, you leave digital footprints along the way. With an increase in the activities available online, a significant number of groups and organizations collect your data available online. This data is collected from sources such as cookies and unencrypted data channels. It is used to target products to consumers based on their behavioral trends.

However,  due to these activities, data breaches have become a common occurrence. That is why cybersecurity has become a common concept today. People have begun opting for two-factor authentication for more safety. Personal data holds a significant value. A system data loss may be due to a password breach or malware.

To protect data from snoopers, using a VPN is an effective way to protect privacy. A VPN(Virtual Private Network) creates an encrypted channel for the data to pass through your system thereby protecting against cyberpunks looking to access system data. 

5 implications of data breaches for business owners:

  1. Impact on Company Finances & Revenue:

Data is the backbone of a business. Every client’s details, transaction history, company strategies are confidential data that must be secure at all costs.  If the company does not follow a well-defined data security protocol, a significant amount of revenue losses may occur due to a security breach. Further, this could have an adverse impact on the impression of the firm. To avoid it, an easy method is to backup your system data. Having a backup source keeps your business financially stable and protects your business from collapsing due to any data losses.

  1. Legal Implications

For any business, following legal protocols and norms is a necessity. When a business does not follow protocols related to cybersecurity, legal issues are bound to occur. Businesses may face problems that range from lawsuits, fines, and many legal actions involving heavy punishments. These implications could not only result in huge losses but also strain the recovery rate. Fighting a legal law allegation could easily burn a hole in your pocket, and yet may not guarantee a winning chance.  This could be battling with customers or competing organizations, and NGOs. It could cost the company losses of intellectual property rights and a lot more.   

  1. Employee Morale:

Managing data security can make or break your business. It maintains a smooth flow of functions within your company. Maintaining Work flexibility is very important to keep the workflow of your employees smooth. When the business faces crunch situations, the employees’ morale may get disturbed. Employees act as chains between the business service and the clients as they bridge gaps by effectively communicating about the demands and supplies. To keep employee morale high, a healthy way could be maintaining a cyber-secure environment. Such an environment could remove the burden of data thefts from their pile of worries.

  1. Impact on Consumer Trust and Customer Turnover

Maintaining faith and trust is the most tricky and risky part of setting up a business. When a business is affected by data breaches, there is a high possibility of data theft that could be easily manipulated by cyberpunks. This compromises a customer’s privacy and they may lose confidence in the firm for further services.  These aspects make lead to a loss of trust and loyalty in the brand, gradually the connected customers lose interest and leave. Therefore, a proper firewall to prevent security breaches is very important for your business.

  1. Company Brand and Reputation:

Sometimes, a small careless approach leads to a far higher chance of data loss, and damage to the company’s stature. The reputation of a firm plays a key role in deciding the type of clients it receives.  Your business’s privacy exposure significantly puts your brand reputation at stake. The firms’ client policies, history may leak. This loss is enough to destroy the trust factor between the business and users. Therefore, securing your system data is the first step to building a worthy brand reputation. It holds the key to your business’s future. 

Business owners often put their reputation at stake by not taking proper measures about data security. This aspect has caused a significant amount of data breaches. To save your business from losing reputation or falling victim to some cybercrime, keep your business updated on necessary cybersecurity protocols. This could help you stay prepared. Remember your privacy is your responsibility so make sure you perform it wisely.

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