How to drive customer engagement as a small business

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 11:21am

One of the most important things to do as a small business owner is to drive engagement among customers. This will not only create a good face for the company, but it will also increase the potential of optimising customer conversion rates. There are different parts of your business that should be taken very seriously to widen your audience and engage them in the process, keep reading to find out how.

Personalise your business

Firstly, you can drive engagement amongst customers and widen your audience even further by connecting with your customers. We recommend that you personalise your business as much as possible and treat your customers and staff as part of the business model as a whole instead of separate entities. There are different ways you can do this. For example, you can connect with your customers by understanding why they decided to shop with you and what they like about your business – you can do this both online and offline. Moreover, you can also personalise your business by making your staff the face of your advertisements. This will allow your audience to familiarise themselves with the company and believe that the business is a lot more than just about buying and selling.

Develop a great website

Another way to drive engagement among customers is to optimise your website and your website’s features so it appeals to your audience. We recommend taking note from customer-driven websites such as Casumo Betting whereby the website is fully catered toward audience needs and requirements. Your website should be the one place your customers can find exactly what they are looking for at all times and have plenty of access to information.

Design and develop your website so it is user-friendly and so your customers can navigate freely. Furthermore, make an attempt to optimise your content so your website ranks high in search engines to widen your audience even further. There are plenty of ways you can outsource to make your website appear more appealing to customers; and a great place to start is online by doing some simple research. It can be very difficult for small businesses to drive customer engagement, but having a fabulous website is a great place to start.

Adopt a cohesive marketing strategy

Finally, to drive engagement among customers, you should adopt a cohesive marketing strategy. The whole idea of marketing is to use different forms and strategies to your advantage in aid of promoting and advertising your products and services. Ultimately, this will factor in market research and how you fit in within your current market. Fruitful market research is essential as a small business as it will allow you – as the business owner – to understand the nature of the market in question. Some of the different marketing strategies you can consider adopting are social media marketing, email marketing and in-store marketing.

Consider these three features when you’re conducting research into how you can engage and widen your audience as a small business.

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