Global CTB Review

My today’s topic of discussion revolves around Global CTB which is a high-ranking broker working in the industry. As people usually look for regulated brokers, therefore, I have shortlisted this broker for today’s discussion so that they may keep an eye on this brokerage as well.

The complete outline of my review is listed below:

  • An Overview of Global CTB
  • A Detailed Look at the Top Features of Global CTB
  • Easy-to-Navigate Trading Platform
  • A Horde of Cryptocurrencies supported
  • Numerous Trading Account Options
  • Educational Material for learning and Training
  • Professional Team for your consultation
  • Great Customer Care Service
  • Enterprise-level Security to your funds
  • Conclusion

An Overview of Global CTB

Global CTB is a legitimate brokerage firm in the world of CFD trading that offers a modern, top-notch, and secure trading platform to trade CFDs on different trading products giving you access to a range of financial markets. It is known as an advanced trading platform that is suitable for both newbie and professional traders. Global CTB gives you wide access to crypto and Contract for Difference (CFD) markets across fifty countries.

Most traders find it a relatively new brokerage firm as compared to others which leads them to have trust issues and doubts regarding the broker. They should know that though the broker is a new one for them but it is a completely regulated and monitored one. You can also have a look at the regulatory certificate issued by regulatory bodies to the broker for your assurance and satisfaction. The regulatory status of the broker implies to the fact that you can trust this broker with your personal information and financial data. The thing is you can’t call a broker unregulated unless you have heard some complaints about it or you have been scammed out by that very broker. And as far as I know up to my knowledge, there has been no as such complaints found regarding this broker. The image of the broker is very clear and transparent until now in front of the audience. So, you don’t need to have regulatory concerns in your mind.

If you think that Global CTB is just a currency exchange trading platform then you are highly mistaken. The broker gives you an opportunity to conduct CFDs in an effective way by trading with a vast list of trading products added onto the advanced trading platform of the broker. Moreover, it becomes easier for you to trade CFD on these products with the help of trading tools offered by the broker. These tools are of high quality and you can make use of them on the right occasion during trading to churn out profits by increasing your chance of success.

When I was exploring this broker, I found out a unique fact about it that it caters to the needs of every kind of traders either they are just initiating their trading career or they have extensive experience of trading. Well, I have seen most of the brokers who allow only pro traders to access their trading platform neglecting completely their beginner traders which is truly not fair. But don’t worry this is not the case with Global CTB as it does not matter to the broker what skill level a trader possesses, it has opened its gateway for all of them allowing them to trade on its platform and earn a good trading experience.

To know how the broker can ease your trading difficulties with its top-class features, read on my review till the end.

A Detailed Look at the Top Features of Global CTB

Easy-to-Navigate Trading Platform

A Trading platform is a crucial factor that needs to be considered while choosing a broker because it plays a vital role in the execution of trades. It is the place where you can find all of the essentials tools and features needed for the successful execution of trades. No matter which broker you choose for your trading you are going to get a trading platform but what distinguishes a good broker from a bad broker is the quality of the trading platform. You would have heard people complaining about the broker they trade with. The reason is they are provided with a complicated trading platform where the execution of trades becomes difficult for them and they can’t even navigate the platform conveniently.

But you don’t need to trade on such kind of trading platform you should go for the best because you would not want to have bad trading experience at the beginning of your trading career. It might lower your confidence. Therefore, you should look for a broker that pledges to offer a trading platform that works efficiently and quickly. A trading platform which is integrated with advanced trading technology and should be easy to use.

Global CTB understands very well the importance of a trading platform therefore it has given special attention to it and has created a trading platform that comes upon the requirements of traders. Global CTB’s trading platform is more advanced and secure. It has an easy-to-navigate interface which means either you are a beginner or professional trader you can operate this platform easily without encountering any kind of difficulty. Moreover, there is no need to install or download this trading platform rather you can directly access it from your browser because it is a web-based platform. The web-based nature of this trading platform allows you to use it on any device you want giving you a lot of flexibility. The platform is simple and fast and can help you make quick trades. Global CTB’s trading platform always performs effectively and efficiently because the broker updates it on a daily basis. All in all, this trading platform is the best solution for your trading.

A Horde of Cryptocurrencies supported

The best way to churn out huge profits and maximize your returns is to diversify your investment in different cryptocurrencies. If you only invest in one crypto asset, you might not be able to increase your capital. But if you diversify your investment, you will be able to garner a large sum of money. Well, most of the brokers out there only support one digital currency that is Bitcoin. It means that that broker is not perfect for you. You should be wise enough to choose a broker that supports a vast range of cryptocurrencies. For instance, Global CTB offers a horde of cryptocurrencies to its traders. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), EOS, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and many others. In the presence of such a diverse list of digital assets, it becomes easy for you to diversify your investment and make a balanced portfolio out of it. The broker only supports those digital coins that have the potential to give you profits. The broker has not stopped here but it aims to include more legitimate cryptocurrencies in the future.

Numerous Trading Account Options

Global CTB has formulated numerous trading account types keeping in view the various needs of different kinds of traders. From these several account options, traders can select the perfect one which completely comes upon their requirements. The broker has created six different account types to accommodate its customers and to make trading easier for them. These account options can be used according to the stage level that traders have. For instance, beginners can start out with the first account type which we usually call as the basic account. While on the other hand, professionals can go with advanced account types. However, no matter which account option you choose all of these account types are enriched with various features and services. Let’s have a brief look at these account options to make it more clear for you so that you can easily be able to choose your desired account.

Bronze Account: This basic account type termed as the Bronze Account is for those customers who just step into the trading world and know nothing about the crypto market. They can start out their trading career with this basic account type. They are only asked to deposit a minimum amount of 500€ and as a result, they are given the ownership of this account. After opening this account, you are able to use the features embedded into it though they are the basic ones still they can satisfy your requirements. With the Basic Account, you get the facility of Personal Account Manager who is always available for your assistance. You can also attend weekly trading sessions. However, you are not given access to the education portal of the broker.

Silver Account: When beginner traders move one step ahead in trading, they are not the newbie anymore and it means they have been able to know something about the crypto market. They can now move up to the next account option that is the Silver Account. This is the second account type offered by the broker. It can be accessed by depositing a minimum amount of 5000€. The broker provides the facility of Personal Account Analyst to the holders of this trading account type. They can enjoy access to weekly trading sessions. With the Silver account, traders can have full access to the education center of the broker.

Gold Account: The third account type listed onto the platform of the Global CTB broker is known as the Gold Account. This account type mostly suits the intermediate traders because they are ready to some extent to take risks in trading. The Gold Account type demands them to deposit a set amount of 10000€. The broker provides the owner of this account type with the facility of Senior Account Analyst instead of the junior account analyst. Apart from providing weekly trading sessions to traders, the broker also arranges four private education sessions for them.

Platinum Account: The fourth account option offered by the Global CTB broker is named as the Platinum Account. This account type has been set for those advanced traders who can tolerate a high level of risk in trading. They can only open up this account for them if they have a balance of 25000€. The quality of this account option is that traders can get to enjoy the service of a Senior Account Chief Analyst. Moreover, they are provided with a complete education package along with full access to the broker’s education portal. Other than this, around 10 private education sessions are arranged for them.

Diamond Account: This specific account type is for professional and experienced traders who have earned a great deal of experience in trading and are completely aware of the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency market. The broker has designed the Diamond account considering the professional needs of traders and has filled it with highly-advanced features which may easily coordinate with the trading skills of traders. Along with other features, the holders of this account are provided with some additional features which are Savings account, Diamond trading program, and the facility of an Account Manager at their doorsteps. This account type requires you to deposit an amount of 50000€ for opening it.

VIP Account: This is the last account option presented by the Global CTB broker to its dearest clients. You can guess from the name of the account that it is accessible only to VIP or Pro traders. The broker asks you to deposit a high amount of 200000€ if you want to activate it. The VIP account is embedded with the complete package of services.

Educational Material for learning and Training

There is one thing you must keep in mind before placing your foot into trading which is that without learning and knowledge of crypto trading, it is very unlikely for you to get your hands on success. You need to learn about trading processes and ins and outs of the crypto market in-depth if you do not want to end up as a failure in trading. If you are well aware of the key movements of the market, then you would know how to play there. To satisfy this need of traders, the broker has created an extensive educational portal where you can find every bit of knowledge related to crypto through various resources. A wide range of educational resources and materials is there to help you out with your learning and training. These resources include Videos, Books, Charts, Market News, Webinars, and other articles. The whole educational material is unique and pure. By learning through these resources, traders can make out perfect trading strategies which they can use to trade successfully.

Professional Team for your consultation

Every successful broker has a team of professionals and experts who make hard efforts to put their respective brokerage on the top. The Global CTB has also got a professional team that has helped clients of the broker in the past to achieve the best results and improve their constant financial growth. This team of professionals and experts assist and consult you on how to go through a trading process perfectly by sharing their past experience. You can make an attractive profit by getting help from the broker’s best specialists.

Great Customer Care Service

When you are in the field of trading, you always find yourself at the stage where you need the help of someone. If you are trading with a broker, then you can ask help from the customer support team of the broker. This team will solve every kind of problem of yours. Global CTB’s customer care team is very responsible because it consists of professionals therefore they fulfill their responsibility by helping customers whenever they are reached out by customers. They offer great customer care service. The team is available 24/7 for your service if you encounter any problem at any stage of your trading career you are advised to contact them, they will provide you an immediate solution.

Enterprise-level Security to your funds

As you are trading in the world of crypto, the chance of getting scammed is very high. And if you are trading with a brokerage whose security system is weak then it might easily get hacked. Therefore, you need to ensure while choosing a broker that how strong its security system is. If you won’t ensure, you might put your capital in danger. If we talk about the security system of the Global CTB broker, it has proven strongest when tested. It offers enterprise-level security to your funds. The broker has powerful security firewalls that ensure the best safety. To provide the highest level of security to your assets, the broker exploits various security measures. It implements the technique of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure the safety of your funds. Then it uses encryption technology which makes it difficult for hackers to access your data. Apart from these, the broker implements Know to Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies. In the presence of such a strict security system, the chance of getting scammed reduces to zero and your assets remain safe.


The Global CTB has earned a strong reputation in just a short course of time and the reason is its quality to deliver in real-time what it offers to its customers. With Global CTB, you do not run out of trading opportunities and options. There are a lot of them as described above, you just have to grab and make use of them for your own benefit. Once you do that the success will be assuredly on your feet.  


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