Coinepro Review: The Investment Brokerage Platform

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Thursday, July 16, 2020 - 11:29am

Prior to settling for an investment decision, a lot of factors must be considered to get the best profitable return on such investment opportunity. No investor goes into business to make a loss, but the challenge with investment is that once you don’t get your priorities right, it is inevitable to experience the opposite of profit. Before engaging in any investment or business, it is vital to have a prior and basic knowledge of the business and its profitability rate.

Every business venture is a risk, and any investor that cannot take or handle risk is not prepared for the reality of the financial market. There are so many investment options that people venture and channel their energy into, such as the financial market trading, real estate, automobile, and telecommunications among others.

Financial assets investment has since been revolutionized in the 21st century, especially with the introduction and acceptance of cryptocurrency as a payment solution. Investors are provided with numerous options of trading assets that they can invest in the financial market, such as metals, indices, foreign currencies (forex), commodities, bonds, stocks, and cryptos. The investment and profitable opportunities have been widened with this array of trading instruments. Interestingly, each of these financial products has the potential to make the investors enjoy high returns on their investment.

As there are different trading instruments and assets, so are there different types of investors and traders in the financial market with diverse investment and financial goals. There are some traders and investors who prefer to channel their energy and investment tactics on a single financial product, while others prefer to diversify their trades into every available trading instrument. Regardless, each class of investor enjoys the profit and loss that the financial market offers.

Any mistake by an investor can lead to a total loss of his or her trades and investment in the financial market. For this reason, it is imperative for all traders and investors to equip themselves with the best tools and techniques of trading in the market. The challenge is that traders and investors cannot effectively do this without the input of a broker. A broker or brokerage firm is the platform upon which a traders or investor executes his/her trades in the financial market. The broker provides unique services to the investor, such as trading signals and information, trading platform, financial assets, and other essential services that will aid the successful trading activities of the investor or trader in the financial market.

The financial trading market is loaded with an abundance of brokerage firms – scam and legit brokers. The challenge that many traders and investors have with the influx of several brokers in the financial market is how to identify and distinguish between the legitimate brokers and the scam brokers.

Choosing a broker is an important decision that must be carefully and calculatedly made by investors and traders. The choice of a brokerage firm can either make or mar the investment and financial goals of a trader. It is essential for traders and investors to get a reliable, legitimate and experienced broker who can guide them in their investment decisions, and also offer professional advice and related services.

Another factor to consider is the type of brokerage service that a brokerage platform offers to its clients, such as the number of trading instruments and the ease of use of its trading platform. Each investor and trader has his/her unique needs in the market which must be adequately catered to by the broker.

Taking time to distinguish between all the brokers in the market can make investors lose out on trading and investment opportunities in the financial market. Hence, we have taken time to review the few legitimate, reliable, and responsible brokers in the financial market.

Therefore, one of the reliable brokerage firms in the assets trading market is Coinepro. This unbiased review of the activities of this broker and its services is aimed at helping you to make smart and calculated investment decisions.

Overview of Coinepro Brokerage Firm




Trading assets

Forex, Cryptocurrency CFDs, Stock Indices, Commodities, Shares, and Metals

Trading academy


Customer service

24 hours a day and 5 days a week – email

Trading platform

Optima, Mobile Trader (android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and Web Trader


Trading accounts

Micro Account, Standart Account, and Premium Account

Trading tools

Economic Calendar, Forex Converter, Currency Converter, Rating of Central Banks, Trader’s Guide, and Risk Management

Assets database



Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customers (KYC)

Investors database


Minimum deposit


Minimum withdrawal

Wire transfers: $250

Any other method: $100


All investments in any sector, especially the financial market involves risk, and thus, investors need a platform to rely upon when the market situation gets tough. Coinepro is a European brokerage firm ad financial service provider with special focus on forex and Contract for Differences (CFDs) trading. The exceptional and quality service, as well as timely support that clients of the broker enjoy has further endeared many traders and investors to its platform.

The broker is established as a customer-oriented financial business, as it was established by seasoned traders with adequate knowledge of the financial market dynamics, risk management, trading, and crypto strategies. With their firsthand experience in the financial market, these experienced traders understand what each trader and investor needs. Thus, the broker ensures that its clients enjoy complete customer satisfaction through successful trades in the financial and crypto markets, regardless of their trading experience – beginners or expert traders. Interestingly, the clients of the broker enjoy most of its services free of charge.

The broker offers a wide variety of financial assets to its clients to trade with and make huge profit in the financial market. The variety of assets is to ensure that each trader and investor finds what they need in order to create a perfectly balanced portfolio. With an assets database of 1,235 products, clients of the broker have the opportunity to choose from the different trading instruments such as forex, indices, metals, shares, commodities, and cryptos.

Coinepro has a team of financial analysts that provide trade signals to its clients daily. These signals help traders and investors to identify potential profitable trading opportunities in the financial market. Besides, several trading tools, such as forex converter, economic calendar, trader’s guide and more are offered to the clients.

The Coinepro platform has a strong and reliable learning center. The broker provides the best training and educational tools for traders and investors to have a grasp of the dynamism of the financial market. The analyst team equally provides articles and news which highlights current market trends and patterns to help its clients in their investment decisions.

In terms of support, the broker provides 24 hours a day and 5 days a week customer service to its clients on general issues, account management or trade-related challenges. The broker also provides a unique trading platform for clients to execute their trades. The user-friendly and interactive trading platform is optimized for both web and mobile interfaces. Equipped with several features and tools, the trading platform is designed to assist clients and make their trade deals effortless.

The Coinepro brokerage firm understands that each trader and investor has his or her distinct needs and goals in the financial market. Therefore the broker offers multiple trading accounts for clients to choose, based on their trading experience and risk level. There is a provision for all classes of investors and traders – beginners, intermediate, and experts.

One of the essential services and responsibility of brokerage firms is the protection and security of the investments of their clients. Traders and investors on the Coinepro platform are rest assured of the safety of their trades, funds and data. The broker tales the security of its platform with serious attention, and safeguard its database to avoid unauthorized access by cyber thieves known as hackers.

Meanwhile, as a security measure, the broker is guide by the international security policies of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) procedures to verify clients’ identity and protect their investments against any loss.

Coinepro’s Unique Services

Trading Instruments

Coinepro offers a unique opportunity for its clients to enjoy profitable deals in the market with an array of productive trading instruments. With over 1,235 financial assets, traders and investors on the Coinepro platform are provided with diverse investment opportunities. The trading instruments offered by the broker include:

  • Forex (such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and EUR/GBP)
  • Cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), etc.)
  • Indices (Trade the best Stock Indices/CFDs in the world)
  • Commodities (such as Gold, Oil, and Silver)
  • Shares (Shares from popular market like USA, UK, Germany, and more)
  • Metals (Copper, platinum, Gold, etc.)

Trading and Training Tools

Coinepro brokerage firm also provides several trading tools to aid the trade deals of traders and investors on its services. Clients of the broker can access the economic calendar, forex converter, currency converter and more.

Also trading signals and analysis are provided by the broker’s team of analyst. Besides, the broker also ensures the provision of training and educational tools that should help its clients to understand each trading asset and the market techniques.

Multiple Trading Accounts

Coinepro provides multiple trading accounts for all classes and types of traders, regardless of their trading experience.

Micro Account: This trading account is suitable for beginner traders and investors. The micro trading account has a minimum deposit of $250, and a maximum investment of $4,999. The account has a leverage of 1:200 and a minimal lot size 0.1. Other features of the micro trading account are:

  • Optima trading platform
  • Static spread
  • Access to a personal manager
  • News Feed
  • Financial Calendar

Standart Account: This trading account is the most popular and is suitable for intermediate and experienced traders and investors. This trading account has a minimum deposit of $5000 and a maximum investment of $24,999. The account has a welcome bonus of 25% and a leverage of 1:300. Other features of this trading account are:

  • Static spread
  • Access to a personal manager
  • Optima trading platform
  • News Feed
  • Access to Masters Partial
  • Financial Calendar
  • Minimal Lot size 0.5

Premium Account: The premium trading account is the apex account on the Coinepro platform. This account is suitable for expert traders and investors. This trading account has a minimum investment of $25,000 and maximum investment of $49,999. Account holders enjoy up to 50% welcome bonus, a personal account manager, and access to Masters Partial. Other features of the account are:

  • Static spread
  • 1:400 Leverage
  • Access to financial calendar
  • Minimal Lot size 1
  • Optima trading platform
  • News Feed

Trading Platforms

Coinepro provides multiple trading platforms that are compatible with both web and mobile interfaces. These trading platforms are interactive and equipped with unique tools to aid the trade of traders and investors.


This trading platform provides traders and investors with a unique trading experience. The platform is centered on the ease of use and enjoyable user experience for the investors and traders.

Web Trader

As a leading financial technology provider, Coinepro has developed a regulated solution for the autonomous brokerage. The Coinepro web trader is a hassle free trading platform that can be accessed from any location on any internet-enabled web browser.

Mobile Trader (iOS and Android)

The mobile app trader is equipped with state of the art graphics, and complete functionality of the desktop version (web trader). With the mobile trading app, traders and investors can execute their trades from any location across the globe and at any time. The mobile app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users and the App Store for iOS users.

Customer Support

Coinepro has a team of professionals that provide superb customer service to traders and investors on the service of the broker. The support team is available 24 hours a day and 5 days a week to offer professional assistance and solution to the broker’s clients. Coinepro customer support team is composed of personnel that have experience in financial market techniques and client management. Hence, they are able and reliably capable of handling the questions and queries of traders and investors professionally at any time.


The safety of the funds of traders and investors on the broker’s platform is non-negotiable. All accounts on the Coinepro platform are kept in a segregated account and the broker occasionally updates its server to safeguard itself against cyber-attacks. Information sharing between the server and the clients of the broker are encrypted to avoid any third party interference. Besides, the broker subscribes to the Anti-money laundering (AML) and the Know Your Customers (KYC) international security policies. As a result, it is mandatory for all traders and investors on the platform of Coinepro to go through a verification process. With this measure, no one can engage in any financial irregularities or money laundering using the Coinepro platform, and each client’s funds are protected such that only the account holder have access to his/her trading account. In terms of withdrawal of earnings, the broker ensures that only the trading account holder is able to withdraw his or her earnings using the same channel that was used in funding the trading account.


Having an investment is not just enough, it is important to have a reliable and legitimate broker as a support network. It should be noted that CFD trading involves risk and therefore needs to be approached with caution. The Coinepro brokerage platform is poised to professionally guide its clients in their trading activities and investments in the financial market.

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