5 Honest Reasons Why Correx Board Signage is the Best Advertising Option

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Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2021 - 1:51pm

Outdoor advertisements are a great way to advertise your business. Are you planning to use signage as a means of outdoor advertising for your business? If that is the case, Advertising on Correx boards may be just what you need.

This product is ideal for generating buzz and creating excitement around your business, giving a new meaning to the phrase "word on the street."

Raj, the founder of 1 Stop Signs, the best Correx printing company in London, was quoted as saying, "Correx boards are becoming more and more popular these days like a cheap and effective way to advertise. Outdoor advertisers have realized the cost-effectiveness of this material. Moreover, these boards are lightweight, durable, and waterproof as well as a versatile type of signage."

5 Honest Reasons: Why Correx Boards Are Best For Advertising

Correx refers to corrugated plastic, which is commonly used across the world. Due to its numerous benefits, this is the most popular advertising tool since it enhances your business. The following reasons make it an excellent choice for advertising as outdoor signage:

Waterproof and Durable:

Due to their resistance to the elements, these boards are durable; they are resistant to rain and moisture. In addition to being resistant to the elements, these boards are tough and durable, so they can withstand strong winds, sunshine, and temperature changes, so they are perfect for outdoor use since they will last longer. The material is also crack-resistant and flexible and unlike rigid boards, these boards are highly flexible.

Non-Toxic and Chemical Resistant:

What makes this type of board eco-friendly is their toxin-free nature. Your advertising will not harm the environment because they are fully recyclable.

Suitable For Screen, Digital, and Flexography Printing:

This durable, smooth polymer can easily be printed on to create vibrant, eye-catching designs of any size. Printing and handling them is easy. Depending on the customer's needs, Correx boards can also be customized by hand or by die.


Since these boards are made of polypropylene, the lightweight, corrugated plastic used makes them cost-efficient. Because they are robust and long-lasting, they are the most affordable material compared to other advertising methods. Additionally, they are fully recyclable so can be reused indefinitely which makes them eco-friendly.

Attracts a Wider Audience:

As a result of its ability to be used outdoors on streetlights and traffic lights, the Correx board reaches a wider audience. Consequently, your advertisements will be seen easily by vehicles and pedestrians. You can also mass-produce your advertisements in your city to cover a larger area due to their cost-effectiveness.

Put your business on display with high-quality boards. These boards are portable, convenient, transportable, and attractive. Additionally, they are sturdy, distinctive, and pocket-friendly too. The most common use of Correx boards is for temporary outdoor advertising. Signage advertising has become increasingly popular during the pandemic in communities all across the country as a way of showing support for frontline and healthcare workers. This material is very easy to work with.

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