4 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale in 2022

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, May 23, 2022 - 7:16am

During the pandemic, we saw a massive shift in how employees interacted with their supervisors. The typical day spent within the office, warehouse or manufacturing environment was replaced by remote access and Zoom calls. Many unfortunate employees found that their companies could not survive the upheaval caused by the virus and had to close their doors.

In addition to the changing economic conditions affecting workers, the endless hours spent at home and outside of the normal routines caused people to start re-evaluating their lives. The status quo they counted on, the very way of being that was the underpinning for their life, was disrupted and, in many cases, gone. Managers and owners also began to fully understand that boosting morale was key to retention.

Take the Time to Listen

One of the biggest signs of a toxic boss is one that has closed ears and an open mouth, all too often in the traditional workplace, listening is a one-way street. Your boss tells you what to do and you are responsible for following orders and getting the work done. That's a recipe for boredom, feeling like you don't matter and checking out mentally. If you want to retain and recruit the best employees in today's new world, you have to take the time to truly listen to what each person is saying. When you do, they'll feel honored and your operations will be improved.

Use Tools That Increase Safety

With the global pressures on the supply chain, you need to be able to monitor and track all aspects of your fleet operations. It's also important to make sure driver rest and other regulations are being followed, so your employees can be safe and secure. Tachographic management can provide a comprehensive solution that helps assure compliance with applicable safety laws. In addition, the technology offers automated remote downloads, live status, and up to the minute analysis fleet-wide.

Care About Your Employees

Everyone goes through things in life and has times when they need a little extra help, care, and compassion. For those trying to get life back on track a caring employer can be a great boost. It's critical to hire managers and supervisors who truly care about their workers and want to help them when they need it most. If a worker is struggling with how to take care of a family member or has recently lost someone close to them, it's time to open up your heart with true consideration. Your honest, human understanding and simply being there for them will build a bond that will last for years to come.

Offer Advanced Education and Training

Another way to invest in the future of your workers is to offer training courses and advanced education. You can team up with a local university or tap into a consortium that provides classes that are delivered online. These educational programs will help your team members improve and grow their skills and knowledge. Your workers will appreciate the investment you are making in their future. Instead of being part of a company that does not care about their wellbeing, they'll be happy to know that you want them to become the best they can be.



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