Weird Fish diverts unwanted textiles from landfill through ongoing partnership with textilerRecyclers

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Posted Friday, April 27, 2018 - 6:07am

Popular clothing brand Weird Fish has been working with Bristol Textile Recyclers (BTR) since November 2015 and in that time has successfully diverted 1,296 kilos of unwanted textiles from landfill.

BTR is a family run business which diverts textiles from landfill on a daily basis, helping its retail charity partners further fundraise for beneficiaries by purchasing their unsellable clothing and textiles.

Shannon Fogg, fundraising manager at Bristol Textile Recyclers, commented: “It’s been great working with Weird Fish since 2015 and helping them maximise their fundraising capabilities. Since we started working together, over £800 has been raised.”

By keeping re-usable textiles out of landfill sites, BTR is able to help third world countries develop local businesses and industry. BTR sends the textiles to Dubai initially, to be graded. This is when any items which are completely unusable are weeded out and sent for re-processing and recycling. The re-usable textile stock is then sent on to buyers in countries including West Africa, Pakistan and Ghana to be sold in local markets, helping to create jobs, wealth and affordable clothing for the community.

John Stockton, managing director at Weird Fish, commented: “At Weird Fish we hate the idea of waste products and materials ending up in landfill. Our general waste is even sent to a company that processes it to make energy. We really appreciate the work BTR does to help keep items out of landfill, while also helping other countries’ economies.”

As well as working with large clothing brands such as Weird Fish, BTR also partners with charity shops and schools, collecting over-stocked items, unwanted clothing and any faulty items.

Weird Fish clothing is available to buy nationally from Weird Fish retail stores (15 in total) and all items are available to buy online. Visit for more information.

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