How can a virtual assistant make you a more productive entrepreneur?

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 11:03am

When running a start-up, you can use a virtual assistant to help you with social media content, inbox management, customer support, or other tasks that take up from your time and don’t require your expertise. 

Having a virtual assistant is easy because they work from a remote location and support your business operations. As an entrepreneur, you can use the help of a virtual assistant because they can manage multiple tasks and free up your schedule. Some virtual assistants have specific skills so that they can handle only particular jobs. Your needs determine the type of VA you should hire because they are specialised in marketing, customer services, management, and accountability. If you want to work with a skilled assistant, it may cost you more, but they provide focused skillset, so they benefit your company more. 

Even if you may have recently encountered the term virtual assistant, the job is around since the 1980s when Home Secretaries first launched this idea to support moms who wanted to work from home. But the profession evolved nicely with the advent of the Internet because now these specialists can offer their services for employers worldwide. 

They put your company’s processes in place

Inefficiencies can cost your company around 30% of your total revenue annually. Most of the times, inefficiencies are the result of failing to have processes in place. You may wonder what processes mean. They can be anything from automated invoicing to canned responses for emails. 

But you’re so busy you don’t have time to set them, and your business pays the cost. When working with a virtual assistant, you can ask them to set these processes, so you can focus on the tasks that require your skills. They can identify your company’s inefficiencies and make a list of procedures you must set up. All they need is your approval. 

They filter communication

Daily you receive tons of emails, messages on social media, calls and plenty of correspondence. Most don’t worth your attention, and many could receive a canned response or a quick reply a company representative can send. Your virtual assistant can manage your communication and filter the messages and calls for you, to get only the ones that require your personal attention. When contacting a company like Virtalent to find a virtual assistant tell them what tasks you want the professional to complete, to connect you with the right candidate.   

They receive, filter and store data

You are lucky to run a business in the present environment because you have access to more data than ever. Information is crucial in decision making and lining the future of the company. But too much data can confuse and distract you, so it’s best to have someone to capture and organise it. 

A virtual assistant can browse the Internet, identify data essential for your company, and provide you with digestible reports and updates so that you can make informed decisions. Working with a specialist allows you to quickly access information that’s pertinent to your operations at the present moment, without extra details overwhelming you. 


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