4 Devon tech startups you should know about

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Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 10:48am

If Devon is good at one thing, it's innovation. The region is one of the UK's leading technology and manufacturing hubs, as well as being home to one of the best universities in Europe. It's therefore unsurprising that Devon is continuing to churn out some of the most promising tech and business talent in the country, with dozens of acclaimed startups popping up in the city every single month. Whether you're an industry hawk or just wanting to know about the amazing things that Devon's locals are getting up to, here are four Devon tech startups that you absolutely need to know about.

TruVision VR

Best to start with one of the most eye-catching ones, given that virtual reality is bound to pique the interest of any audience. TruVision first launched a couple of years ago, as a small company that uses VR technology to aid the construction industry. This includes helping builders and engineers anticipate construction problems with their highly accurate VR simulations. The company has since expanded and has won multiple awards, including one for "Best Startup of the Year".


The recent growth of Vualto has been pretty astonishing, going from barely breaking even to pulling in over £5 million in just a couple of years. The company works with different companies to stream their media to mass audiences online. One of their big money makers has been collaborations with sports broadcasters, allowing viewers to watch all of the latest racing and sports games live online, anywhere in the world. This is has proven a big hit with experienced sports fans who enjoy betting, who are undoubtedly driving much of the growth. Live sports and technology has proved a successful marriage thanks to this demand, with even mobile platforms like the Mr Green Android app similarly working to help people bet on their favourite sports, no matter where they are in the world.


Pixalytics is a tiny company with a staff of just five, but their impact is enormous. The startup downloads and analyses data from the 1500 satellites currently orbiting the Earth, using it to provide other clients with information about resources, weather patterns, and natural disasters. It's therefore quite fitting that they're based in the same town as the Met Office, as the two organisations frequently work together to provide stunning up-to-date predictions of climate activity.


WebBased is one of those plucky startups which show how the private sector actually can assist the public sector. The goal of this 70-person startup is to perform analytics and work with organisations such as academies and councils to show the most effective and efficient ways to save money. They credit themselves with helping local councils save millions of pounds, doing so in a way that doesn't distract public institutions from the vital work that they do. The company is another fast-grower, as it now has a head office in London, where most of the employees are relocating to.
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