Teignmouth flood defence scheme works complete

Work on Teignmouth’s flood defence scheme is now complete, helping protect people, homes and businesses from flooding for years to come.

The project started in February and focused on the repair, renewal and strengthening of the sea defence structure at the Point. Additional essential work was then carried out to tackle erosion found under the sea wall during the works.

Facing the challenges of the tide and weather conditions, construction was carried out by local firm Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (TMS). This involved putting 230m of steel sheet piles from the lighthouse to the Point with a new concrete capping beam and slab helping to strengthen the wall. This stabilisation work will ensure the structure it is able to resist the wave forces it is subject to all year round.

The completion of the work will help preserve the integrity of the sea wall for another 75 years and will continue to protect over 400 homes and businesses in the lower lying area of the town.

The Point car park, operated and owned by Teignbridge, is also now fully available for residents and visitors to use again. The car park is due to be resurfaced after the October half-term which will further enhance this popular area.

Cllr Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge District Council’s executive member for coastal services said: “We thank local residents and visitors for their patience during these essential works which were completed just in time to prevent catastrophic failure of this structure."

As well as being a popular place to walk, the sea wall – built in the 1930s - provides vital coastal flood protection for up to 400 homes and businesses in Teignmouth and protects Shaldon from the impacts of wave action. It has withstood the elements over the years, but in recent times has become more vulnerable to storm damage.

The cost of the project has been funded by the Government through the flood defence grant in aid administered by the Environment Agency.