New water users guidance launched

The Teign Estuary and Coastal Partnership has launched a new guide helping recreational water users to enjoy the unique conditions on the Teign Estuary and adjacent coasts including Dawlish.

The new pocket-sized guide has been printed in a splash proof format and helps everyone understand the local rules of navigation and safety issues as well as providing associated information such as maritime business links and where to access live wave buoy data.

The Partnership is led by Teignbridge District Council and Cllr Humphrey Clemens, executive for planning and housing (including coastal management) said:

“This pocket sized guide, which expands out to eighteen panels following maps of the estuary and coast, offers everyone a convenient summary of the rules of the river as well as a welcome reminder to consider the impacts of individual actions.

“The Teign and open coast are working areas for fishermen and shellfish production and during the warmer seasons are also recreational playgrounds for large numbers of people in all sorts of craft. Whether you are aboard larger vessels such as yachts and cruisers or something as small as a kayak or paddleboard, or whether travelling fast when water skiing of just pottering slowly in a tender, it is the responsibility of everyone to enjoy our waters safely and this innovative style of guide will help.”

The free guide, which uses easy to interpret maps and high definition aerial photos, is available from the Harbour Office, Polly Steps launch site, major holiday sites along the shores and from specialist outlets such as watersports and dive centres, as well as from Teignbridge District Council’s offices and website.

The new guidance is backed up by a series of signs at all of the major slipways around the estuary so that everybody launching a vessel should be clear about their responsibilities.

Andrew Cooper of Haccombe and a Partnership Stakeholder Representative said:

“This twin approach of clear regulation and helpful guidance should assist all users and help ensure that a day afloat or on the estuary shore is safe, fun and respects our special coastal environment”.