New equipment at Exeter skate park

There’s good news for skate fans with new, temporary equipment installed at Exeter Arena Skate Park.

Work is ongoing but some of the ramps will be available to use this weekend.

Exeter City Council is carrying out the work with Tim Ruck of the Boarding House. When finished the facility will include:

• A flat spine
• Wall ride
• Grind block
• Sub box

Local BMX riders have contributed a flat rail to the park.

Recently the City Council was forced to break up the old skate park on the same site after the equipment had become rotten and dangerous.

The Council will now build a new permanent skate park which should be ready by next summer.

Cllr Stephen Brimble, Lead Councillor for Place, said: “We know how popular this skate park is and we were keen to bridge the gap between the old facility going and the new one coming in next year. That’s why we’ve had these temporary ramps made, which when the new skate park is complete, can be used elsewhere in Exeter.

“A lot of the new equipment that we’ve brought in has been made from recycled materials, including some steelwork from the old facility. I think skaters will be surprised at just how good it is.

Skaters are helping to inform the design of the new skate park by completing a survey

The Council is also looking to set up a steering group to help steer the design of the facility following feedback from the users.

To take part in a survey to help identify the new equipment go to