Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon

Authored by Benstrange95
Posted Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 10:56am

Here in Devon we are proud of our beautiful landscapes that offer all of us the opportunity to get outdoors and soak up the delicious views.

Just in time for the summer season a new book is coming out which will provide everyone with the chance to get out and explore the wonderful area.

Entitled "Wild Swimming Walks - Dartmoor and South Devon, 28 Lake, River and Beach Days Out", the book was written by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury who both hold the area close to their hearts.

Sophie said: "For years now I have been having fantastic adventures with my friends and family on Dartmoor, finding secret places to swim. Interestingly there are hundreds of walking guides to Dartmoor, but no books which include swims too. We wanted to change that, and share the fun of exploring Devon's wild water. "

And Matt Newbury, who has been exploring Dartmoor since he was a child, agrees: "Dartmoor is so well known, but guides up to now have focussed on the Tors and the walking routes.  Our book has the lakes and rivers as its focus, and they are one of the most beautiful things Dartmoor has to offer."

Though not based in Devon full time myself, when I do get the opportunity to put on my walking boots and visit Dartmoor, I am often amazed at the beauty that it portrays, and it will be made even easier with this new book that tells me the hot spots to visit.

The book is excellently written and provides a guide to each one of the 28 walks in detail, explaining the distance, how long it takes, where to park and most importantly where refreshments can be found!

Providing wonderful images of what walkers can expect as well as clear maps indicating the routes with a breakdown of steps the book is easy to follow.

It not only tells you where to go and what to do. It provides an historic value detailing the origins of each individual walk, outlining the uses of the area in centuries past and how they have changed to become a tourist hotspot.

The walks are varied in difficulty, providing easier routes for people who may be considering taking up more walking as an excellent form of exercise beneficial for both physical and psychological health. But for those who are regular ramblers and may have a high level of fitness there are walks which can take up to well over five hours.

For those of you where just looking at the stunning pools and waterfalls is not enough to satisfy your outdoor hunger, the walks offer an opportunity to taka a dip in the water. Something both authors did as they made sure they tried out every walk before including it in their latest book.

The book will be on sale from 2nd May, a perfect time for all of you walkers to grab a copy and head out in the sunshine and experience Devon’s natural beauty.

Wild Swimming Walks: Dartmoor and South Devon by Sophie Pierce and Matt Newbury (£14.99, Wild Things Publishing) is available from all good bookshops.


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