What are the most common mistakes that new restaurant owners make?

Mike Page
Authored by Mike Page
Posted Friday, August 2, 2019 - 10:17am

One of the boldest business decisions that a new entrepreneur has to make is to open a restaurant. Compared to other types of business, having a restaurant is more difficult to operate because of its unusual demands from different clients and the pressure to survive the competition.

As the owner, a huge responsibility is on your shoulders. Part of your job is to make several tough decisions that can affect your overall business. You also have to consider the reality that there will be a time when you will make a mistake. Despite that, you need to persevere. What is essential is for you to learn from any mistakes and move forward. Here are some of the most usual mistakes that you should watch out for when running a restaurant.

Serving food out of impulse

Many chefs and owners would like to make an impression on their clients by preparing dishes out of inspiration. The problem starts when they are unable to provide consistent results. This happens when, for example, you cannot find a reliable jackfruit supplier for the desserts and other ingredients for the main dishes. Cooking food and preparing desserts on impulse is like putting your business on the line. You will end up disappointing your clients whenever you are unable to meet their demands.

Not pricing food properly

Before deciding to add a particular meal as part of the menu, you need to find out how much it costs you to cook it. You need to take into consideration the cost of your ingredients, the salary of your staff, the monthly rental and utility bills that need to be paid each month. Also, think about your profit margin. Selling your products at a low price just because customers love them is wrong. You will end up losing a significant amount of money that will affect your business in the long run.

Taking charge of everything

This is a common problem that new entrepreneurs experience. They want to take charge of everything around them. Being overwhelmed for most of the time can be very risky for your business. It will help if you learn how to delegate some tasks to your employees so you can take care of more significant problems. If you try to take on all of the issues in your restaurant, you will end up getting burnt out in a couple of months.

Having poor management skills

When running a business, you are expected to be on top of things. Do not leave everything to your employees while you are always away. In one way or another, your presence is significant in your restaurant business. If you lack experience, then this is the best way to learn everything about the industry. This is the perfect opportunity for you to put some systems and processes in place and gather feedback from your clients. Many things need to be done during the first few months of the business. 

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