Why are hyper-casual games dominating the mobile market

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Authored by Mike Page
Posted Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 6:32am

Hyper casual games were introduced into the gaming industry in 2017. They are simple to play, addictive, short and casual. Players may find it very hard to stop playing it even when told to do so. Several companies decided to venture into the development of this genre of games. The result of the venture was the introduction of several games which include Coral Roulette.

Hyper casual games are the remnants of the 70s arcade games which have been modernized to meet the trends in the gaming world. The UI of the game is very simple and quite different from the traditional slots regarding monetization.

From the gameplay, one could note that the game makes its money from video ads. The essence of doing this is to prevent their advertisement from becoming a turnoff for the gamers.

However, these days, they have been dominating in the gaming world. They seem to be topping the chart and putting the traditional ones behind.

Here are four reasons for the dominance of this genre in the gaming world.

The Game Add Values

Hyper-casual pokies are straightforward and uncomplicated. Its appearance, gameplay, and interface are that which appeals to the mind of the players. The developers of this genre do not necessarily want to bore down people with difficult tasks to crack. Instead, they want to entertain them.

Despite the simplicity of the slot and the intention of entertaining the players, these slots are good for testing and challenging one’s skills and logic. Though traditional slots also test one’s logic, this new genre is known for its simple way of testing one’s logic.

It Can Be Easily Promoted

One thing that set this genre from others is its easy promotion. A promoter of this game can quickly explain its mechanism, programs, and monetization to people to embrace it. Apart from that, it does not come with some complicated process that will take time to understand.

The simplicity and easy promotion is one advantage it has over other traditional games. This is because people these days do not waste their time in trying to understand a complicated thing when they can easily embrace a simple thing. Thus, people embrace this genre that is simpler compared to other types of game.

High Chance of Going Viral

Unlike other pokies, it is easier for a developer to develop more than 30 hyper-casual pokies in a year instead of wasting much time on a game that may fail.

The fact that hyper-casual developers have numerous pokies at their disposal means they have a better chance of going viral. Apart from that, they can easily abandon a game that does not perform well and focus on the ones that perform.

According to Josh Burns, hyper-casual slots have a higher chance of going viral than other traditional slots. The reason being that a developer can promote two or more new slots at a time depending on their strategy.

Monetization Strategies

The providers developed a strategy on how to monetize hyper-casual pokies. They also found a way of making sure that they do not monetize the title at the expense of the quality. They ensure that the players have a good user experience that is free from unnecessary interruption.

The pokies do not provide IAPs (In-app purchase) which are known for generating revenues for the other genres developers. Instead of this, they introduced a video ad which can be skipped. However, to motivate the players to watch the video, they promise them some rewards. Developers of hyper-casual games gain higher because they are less costly to make, and it offers a high payout to attract players.

These slots will continue to dominate other genres of the game as long as other genres do not come with innovative ideas. Apart from this, the possibility of cross promoting and building portfolio plus its self-finance mechanism also makes it easier for it to beat other slots in a chart.

Though hyper-casual pokies are currently topping the free apps chart, it is still found lacking in the top grossing chart. This is because companies develop more games than they can manage.  As a result, it becomes a challenge for them to gross effectively. However, if the companies could think of highly innovative ways to manage their apps for them to gross.

It, however, seems that several hyper-casual are ready to make their way into the top grossing chart with High School Stories, Toon Blast and Golf Clash are giving the top-grossing slots a challenge.

If hyper-casual games developers continue with their innovations, they will continue to climb to the top of the chart and in fact, dominate if the other genres do nothing. However, the battle has just been drawn in the mobile game industry as other genres would find a way to remain at the top.