5 tips to boost your blog’s web presence

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, February 18, 2019 - 11:01am

The most significant part to any blog is the traffic it receives. However, learning how to get traffic and attract people to your site as a beginner blogger can be frustrating and discouraging. If you want your blog to be successful you need an audience who visits it regularly. In this article we give you 5 tips to boost your blog’s web presence. 

Use Backlinks

Backlinks are an amazing tool that have the potential to boost your search engine rankings when used effectively. What can you do to get other bloggers to link your content? In most cases, organic backlinks will be generated through quality content. However, if you need to speed up the process you can reach out to other bloggers and influencers in your respective field. Let them know you have quality content that may interest them. To learn more about backlinks, check out the guides at backlink-masters

Increase SEO

Beginner bloggers will often see the term “SEO” but many of them do not understand what it is or what it means. In simple terms, SEO is the process of increasing your blogs visibility and ranking on search engines such as Google. There are many tips for getting the most out of SEO. Effective SEO also keeps your content mobile friendly. You could be missing out on tons of traffic if your website is not properly optimised. Use effective keywords in your headlines and content to increase your SEO. If you are having trouble coming up with long tail keywords, try typing out several keywords into Google and see what phrases or questions the search engine suggests. 

Work with Your Existing Content 

Creating a blog is simple enough and if you are someone who has taken the process seriously, you probably have a bunch of articles ready to post as drafts and a notepad filled with ideas for future posts. You have also looked up a good blogging tutorial to get to grips with how to do things properly. 

One common mistake the beginner bloggers make is using the “one and done” method. This means they type up and post an article and then never touch it again. Instead, you should be turning pre-existing content into something new and refreshing for your audience. For example, take a popular series of blog posts and turn it into an eBook or take an old blog and record a YouTube digest. This method not only opens up an opportunity for an increase in traffic, it saves you time on writing and researching. 

Build a Social Media Presence

In order to have a successful blog you need to build a strong social media presence. Do some research to find out what platforms your audience spends most of their time on and then create accounts on those social media sites. Share relevant content to attract followers. You should also consider sharing other curated content as it will help you appear to be more trustworthy and less self serving. Don't be scared to ask your audience to share and repost your content on their social media platforms. Most of them will be willing to if you have taken the time to develop relationships with your audience. 

Guest Blogging and Big Influencers

Growing an audience is difficult for any beginner blogger but guest posting can help. Guest blogging is the process of writing and pitching a blog post to another blog or website with a large audience and convincing the owner of the site to publish your content on their site. It is also common practice to include backlinks to your site within the content. This small action can help you to build your audience while you work on developing your own blogs SEO and organic traffic. 

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