5 tips on getting the best out of SEO

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Authored by David Humphrey
Posted Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 5:10am

The internet is a wonderful, wonderful place. From news to memes involving cats, you can find whatever you’re looking for on the world wide web. Yet, if you're one of the many business owners online, getting found amongst all of the clutter and all of the competitors, isn’t actually that easy. Particularly for heavily competitive industries such as the online casino slots market. This is why SEO is so important.

It’s what gets you up that list on Google and it’s what helps your website find it’s desired audience and vice versa. Despite the algorithms and mannerisms of SEO always changing, there is always certain principles that stay the same and in this list of 5 tips to get the best out of the system, we bring you advice that should last the test of time.

1. Use your keywords effectively

This is maybe the most obvious point of the entire list but in a world where synonyms and slang are often desired for making a website original, a potential SEO factor is being forgotten.

If your website is about something in particular, make sure you use that phrase or that buzzword enough. If you host interviews on your website with musicians, make sure that ‘interview’ follows the artists’ name. You’ll be surprised at how often such a simple point gets overlooked. The following website https://slotsbaby.com/all-games is an excellent example of a site using effective SEO and keyword choices.

2. Name your images as relevant titles

When you’re using imagery in your website, the naming of the JPEG, PNG or whatever file you use is more crucial than you’d think.

Whilst you may not be able to see the file name on the website, an image that is named as a bunch of letters and numbers in no real sense is unlikely to be found from a Google search. Rather, naming such images as things relevant to your site, can help the website generate the right traffic.

All in all, this makes for a cleaner looking site, too, with cohesion and order from the inside and out.

3. Links to other websites

Whilst no-one is in the business of praising opponents, adding a link that reaches out to another website is usually good for traffic. As well as building good relationships with other websites and companies who you may share a target audience with, it adds a validation to your site that makes it trustworthy.

For example, for your blog about online gambling, including a link to Slots Baby would do zero harm to your SEO score.

4. Readable and relevant URLs

Some automatically made URLs can be very messy.

For example; https://www.theexeterdaily.com/article/83292.

Rather, try and involve the title of your article in your URL and this further adds to the SEO by connecting with those all important search terms. It’s as simple as that sometimes, with the search terms always looking for any relevance that it can. Be it in the saved file name of the image, the text, or the URL, sticking to these four steps could really help out your SEO.