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Posted Friday, January 21, 2022 - 7:08am

Eco Sleep London, a start-up from Plymouth has launched the UK’s first mattress company that ethically manufacturers mattresses and recycles customer’s old ones in a responsible way, ensuring none contribute to the 5.6 million that end up in UK landfill every year.

Founded by entrepreneurs Darren Lee from Plymouth and Mark Ward from Exeter, the Eco Sleep London collection is made in Britain. It uses100% recyclable materials, including re-engineered foam and use ‘EcoAdvance’ comfort technology.

As well as promising a super-comfortable space for sleeping, Eco Sleep London mattresses are stylishly finished with SEAQUAL® YARN – an innovative material sourced from upcycled marine plastic. Plus, it comes with a 100-day sleep-trial guarantee.

Starting from £245, the range is now available to shop at: with speedy same-week delivery in Devon and nationwide.

Darren Lee, co-founder of Eco Sleep London, said: “We set out to create a game-changing company, that consciously creates and recycles mattresses, before we sleep-walk into a landfill crisis. Myself and co-founder Mark are conscious of the direction the world is moving in and changing consumer demands. Our ambition is to be part of the change and lead the way in sustainable sleep solutions. But manufacturing is only half the problem. Which is why we also collect customer’s old mattresses for free and recycle them responsibly, ensuring they never end up in landfill.  

“We believe that ‘sustainable slumber’ is the future, allowing customers to sleep well at night for many reasons.”

There are two mattresses in the collection; the ‘Eco Hybrid’ - a sumptuous foam and spring mattress with thousands of individual pocket springs adapting to an individual’s shape and weight, and the ‘Eco Foam Ortho’ - a firmer mattress with high resilience. They use pressure-relieving ‘EcoAdvance’ technology that helps to regulate temperature and is odour-free.

Eco Sleep London mattresses feature:

  • 100% recyclable materials that are ethically sourced
  • Free and ethical recycling of your old mattress
  • 100-night money-back if not satisfied
  • A 10-year guarantee
  • Speedy and free delivery

Currently with 40% off, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new mattress, with local pickup and collection available. To shop the range, please visit: and follow @ecosleeplondon on social media.

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