Lifestyle Influencer: Proven Ways to Increase Facebook Friends and Make Your Page Thrive

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Saturday, November 11, 2023 - 12:24pm

Lifestyle blogs on Facebook are becoming more and more popular every year. If earlier this platform was like an additional connection with family and friends, today it has changed a little. In 2023, FB is seen as a platform for influencers and entrepreneurs, and this is logical. The resource has almost 3 billion users - this figure is one of the biggest among all social platforms. That's why there are so many successful bloggers and businessmen here today - a large audience is the key to success.

But to stand out here as a lifestyle influencer and attract many followers at once is not an easy task. Promotion is like a business, so to make your page successful and develop in this niche, you need to know how to overtake competitors.

One of the best ways is to increase friends. Unlike followers, they are a sign that you have a large social circle and people trust you. Plus, such accounts are promoted much more efficiently than without friends. But what if you don't have hundreds of real friends? Then today's article is special for you - we’ll share the three best ways to increase friends.

  1. Invest on your page 

It has long been no secret that influencers enjoy additional incentives from advertising companies - they buy various metrics, and this is normal from the point of view of promotion. It's the same with friends in FB, it's a more narrowly focused service, but it's just as budget-friendly and efficient as the others.  You can follow the link to check out prices and available packages: Why is it profitable to buy incentives? In addition to saving money (hiring specialists costs a lot more), you also save your strength and resources. 

Organic ways to attract an audience, including friends, takes much longer than buying. Moreover, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive them in a natural way. Advertising companies save you from unnecessary worries and guarantee that you’ll get as much as you want.

You can also be sure of the quality - the interactions with your page are one hundred percent natural and come from real people. After a while, when your account becomes more visible in the community, the purchased friends will inevitably attract new ones, thereby growing your page.

  1. Share your account on other resources

Cross-promotion is one of the most effective organic ways to attract more new readers and viewers to your page. This is especially important to strengthen your position as an influencer - the more users see your account, the better. On which platforms can you promote your profile? Generally speaking, on any - it can be Insta, Twitter (X), LinkedIn and any other resource that you use.

Place a link to the page in the profile headers and tell your subscribers about the new account. To attract their attention and increase the friend base, you can suggest something unique. As an example, a free short guide or unique content. It's easy for you, but people will be happy to get something useful or pleasant for simple actions.

  1. Use messengers

Don't ignore messengers when it comes to attracting friends. Send an invitation to your account to various thematic groups, family chats, and so on. It's not long, but this way you can attract new people. 

By the way, try posting your FB link on WA or Telegram stories, it's no less effective than IG. Try it!


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