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How to use Twitter effectively & grow your brand?

Authored by tiatom
Posted Friday, January 31, 2020 - 12:31pm

Twitter owns more than 330m active users monthly.

These users belong to different parts of the world, searching for updates and the latest news from various brands. This means that if you don’t use Twitter actively, you may miss out on something serious and important.

Unfortunately, as there are a lot of brands that tweet today, a lot of these don’t understand how to use this platform effectively, for helping them to grow their brand.  Buy Twitter Followers, Scheduling their brand and being sure that they use the right hashtags in their posts, don’t make them the masters of Twitter.

Luckily, if you want to unlock the real potential of this social platform, here is a complete guide.

1.     Make your Twitter strategy

For getting success on this platform, it is important to build a comprehensive approach. With the right strategy, you can be sure that you are investing your money and time into activities that accomplish your objectives and drive outcomes.

Begin by finding out your objectives. You may aim to:

Enhance customer loyalty

Produce new sales and leads

Increase product awareness

Reduce customer servicing costs

2.     Make your profile

The strategy-based profile on twitter is a strong tool for marketing. Make the right image of the brand and you get trust from your audience, get an ability to appear at the top social stream and a lot more. Before moving on, be sure that you:

·         Have an optimized profile: pick a branded picture as your profile photo. Use the bio for describing what you want to do. Never forget to put a secondary URL in bio for driving more leads.

·         Have linked back your profile with other platforms: be sure to link your profile on twitter with your webpage, email signatures as well as other social media places. It will provide you a greater reach on social media.

 3. Learn how hashtags are used

You can consider Twitter a birthplace of all vital social media hashtags. Be sure to use this platform for your benefits. Hashtags divide the content into groups and categories for making the brand easy to be found on the internet. The research on Twitter shows that the tweets having hashtags enhance the engagement by 60% for brands.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of ways of boosting the hashtag strategy. Some tips are given below:

·         Never use a lot of hashtags in a single post. Never use spaces between them.

·         Use trending hashtags in posts. On the left side of the bar under the Twitter profile, there is a list of trending tags that relate to your profile.

4.    learn when you should post

Over 350k posts are made on twitter via a digital airwaves. every minute. Best time to Tweet according to buffer,  Don’t wonder to know that it feels very hard to acquire real engagement with the followers on Twitter. Finding out the ways to make Twitter work effectively for you often means to know the time to post when you can reach your audience at best. Here are a few examples:

·         The best day in week to post is Friday

·         The perfect time of posting is between 9am to 10 am

·         Mornings of Sundays are the worst hours for engagement

·         The safest duration of posting is between 10am to 12pm daily.

Obviously, each audience is not the same. For making sure that you acquire best results:

·         Post once a day for maintaining engagement with the followers

·         Use analytics on Twitter for adjusting the timing.

5.     Keep in mind to engage with your audience

While you are working on the ways of using Twitter effectively, it is easier to be caught up with the stuff such as measurements and metrics. But, the fact is that the highly vital thing here is to track your engagement on the platform. Without this, all it is received is the number, not real followers. For engaging with the audience:

·         Note a track of the network: read tweets made by followers and use them for learning more regarding customer’s choices and emerging trends about your niche.

·         Reply fast: audience expects brands of being high responsive.

·         Repost, interact and then follow: show the audience that you value their thoughts by reposting their content and then following them back.



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