A Passionate Woman

By Kay Mellor

Directed by Paul Milton

Liza Goddard (Bergerac, Yes Honestly) plays Betty, a passionate, doting mum who finds it hard to accept that her son is leaving home to get married.

To escape the pressures of the day and the idea of losing her son (Mark) to another woman (his soon to be wife) Betty retreats to her attic to be surrounded by the memories of her past and the ghost of the man she once had an affair with in the 1960s (Craze). Throughout the morning Betty’s reminiscence is interrupted by her son, eager to get his mother to the church on time, and a husband she never really loved (Donald).

A Passionate Woman is a wistful, romantic comedy about love, memory, passion and regret.

Kay Mellor, best known for her work as a television writer and director (In the Club, Fat Friends, Band of Gold, The Syndicate), was inspired to write this provocative and heartfelt play after her own mother confessed to having an affair with a Polish neighbour before she was born.