A-Lad-In Trouble (over 18s only) at Exmouth Pavilion

This is a fantastic production of a full scale adult pantomime, based on Aladdin. The audience will shout It’s behind you, they will warn Aladdin when the villain is tying to steal the lamp. They will Shout Oh yes it is Oh no it’s not when directed to do so. They will boo the villains and Cheer the hero. Then again they may want to Boo the hero. It’s a fun show, bawdy, yes, profane language, most certainly. You wouldn't bring your maiden aunt, well, not unless she bought her own ticket! Wrapped up in the format or a traditional adult pantomime but spiced up and given an adult twist. It is non stop fun and laughter in pantomime style just aimed towards adults, watch out he's A-LAD-IN Trouble! STRICTLY OVER 18'S ONLY Tickets £9.50 each Call 01395 222477 to book now www.ledtickets.co.uk
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Exmouth Pavilion

Event Date

Friday, January 4, 2013 - 7:00pm