Epic Egyptians

Saturday 31st October, 10.00-12.00

Come along to explore the fascinating and gruesome parts of history.Travel back in time to a different period of history every week with themed crafts, costumes, and horrible history facts!

This week our theme is EPIC EGYPTIANS. What made the Egyptians so epic? Come and find out! Find out about the gruesome process of mummification and make your own mummy. Plus have a go at making a cartouche and writing in hieroglyphs

Suitable for ages 6-12 (children can be left and collected at the end of the session).

Booking information

£6 per session, discount when booking all six sessions. Telephone 01392 285983, 01392 413174 or book online.


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GLORIOUS GREEKS - 7th November
Did you know Ancient Greeks invented the theatre? Make a comedy or tragedy mask to make someone laugh or cry! Find out about the gods, heroes and monsters in Greek Mythology, and decorate a vase with images of these stories.

NAUGHTY NORMANS - 14th November
The Normans have invaded! Find out about how Britain changed when William the Conqueror became King. Do you have 'Norman Style'? Become a Norman by building castles and decorating Norman shields.

Come and discover an exciting time in Britain's history where men wore makeup and ladies wore gigantic wigs! Make a Georgian fan to pass on secret messages, decorate a Georgian tile, and watch out for pirates in the meantime!

EDGY EDWARDIANS - 28th November
What happened after Queen Victoria died? Explore what life for children was like in the early 20th century. Board the HMS Titanic, make Edwardian toys and create a poppy wreath to remember the First World War.

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Exeter Cathedral

Event Date

Saturday, October 31, 2015 - 10:00am to 12:00pm