Cygnet Theatre

Cygnet Theatre programmes a varied and tantalising programme of live theatre, folk music and dance performances.

Cygnet Theatre is the home of Cygnet Training Theatre, the only professional drama school in the South-West, and the only one in the UK where students work as a professional ensemble throughout their three-year course.

Content by Cygnet Theatre

Post date
Old Herbaceous with Giles Shenton as ‘Herbert’ 12/12/2016 - 2:35pm
The Brexit Club 12/12/2016 - 2:31pm
Cygnet Theatre’s Spring Season 2017 04/12/2016 - 6:38am
Old Herbaceous 02/12/2016 - 3:04pm
The Brexit Club 02/12/2016 - 2:53pm
Theatre world premier comes to Exeter 29/11/2016 - 10:32pm
Feeding The Darkness 29/11/2016 - 4:25pm
The Ghosts of Mr Dickens 29/11/2016 - 2:42pm
Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll 17/11/2016 - 4:40pm
Eurydice 27/10/2016 - 4:59pm