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GripHero protect millions against Covid-19 at the fuel pump and reduces environmental impact in the process

Devon-based GripHero Ltd, the developer of the world’s only ‘on-the-nozzle’ fuel pump hand-protection, has released figures which show that during the coronavirus pandemic, over 60 million drivers have been protected from contracting Covid-19 at the fuel pump, thanks to GripHero’s availability at thousands of forecourts globally.

Wearing hand-protection at the fuel-pump prevents the potential for the contraction of Covid-19 from drivers that cough or sneeze on their hands whilst driving, passing on traces of infected mucus via the fuel pump handle to other drivers.






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Devon-based sunglasses company has a clear vision for clean energy

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Mon, 03/13/2017 - 9:42am

A new Devon-based sunglasses company launches this month and is already drawing attention for its purpose-driven business model. Bird Sunglasses is a unique, stylish and thoughtful eyewear collection, and for every purchase, they distribute a solar light to families in Malawi, Zambia and Uganda through their 'Share Your Sun' partnership with Solar Aid.

598 million people in Africa alone have no access to electricity, relying on expensive and dangerous alternatives to light their homes. Many use homemade kerosene lamps which are a poor light source; emit toxic black smoke and eat up...

Exeter student leads clean water project

Authored by Exeter News Blog
Posted: Mon, 10/31/2016 - 9:57am

The taps have been turned on at an exciting rainwater collection project, managed by an engineering graduate from Exeter University, in the area of Sainte Luce in South East Madagascar.

The project, named Project Tatirano (meaning to ‘collect rainwater in Malagasy), has been running a pilot scheme for the last 12 months at a local school in Sainte Luce, aiming to provide clean drinking water for both the children at the school and those villagers who live nearby.

Harry Chaplin who studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at Exeter, was the brains behind the project....

Today is International Women's Day

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Tue, 03/08/2016 - 8:09am

International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

The 2016 theme for International Women’s Day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”.

The idea of this theme is to consider how to accelerate the 2030 Agenda, building momentum for the effective implementation of the new Sustainable Development Goals, especially goal number 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all...

International appeal to trace missing Exeter girl

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Thu, 03/03/2016 - 5:59pm

Devon and Cornwall Police along with local authorities have launched an appeal to help them locate a missing 12-year-old Devon girl who’s been taken to Bangkok by her father.

A High Court Judge has ordered the release of details of Arisara Miles, who is known as ‘Zara’, who travelled to Thailand with her father without permission.

Zara and her father, Trevor Miles, left their home in Exeter and flew to Bangkok on November 10 last year. Her whereabouts since then are not known.

Mr Miles failed to attend a meeting arranged by Devon County Council to address concerns...

Lizards camouflage themselves by choosing rocks that best match the colour of their backs

Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted: Wed, 02/10/2016 - 2:57pm

New research shows wild Aegean wall lizards found on Greek islands choose to sit on rocks that better match their individual colouring. This improves camouflage and so reduces the risk of being attacked by birds when they sit out in the open, raising the intriguing question of how the lizards know what colour they are.

Resting out in the open on rocks can be a risky business for Aegean wall lizards. Out in these habitats they have nowhere to hide and their backs, which show varying shades of green and brown between individuals, are dangerously exposed to birds hunting in the skies...

Chagstock to return in 2016

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Fri, 12/11/2015 - 8:26pm

CHAGSTOCK FESTIVAL organisers have confirmed that the festival will return in 2016! Taking place on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd July, Devon’s much-loved, family friendly, not-for-profit event will feature the biggest and most diverse line up in its 10-year history.

The theme for the wildly popular fancy dress day on Saturday will be ‘Legends’.

The last few discounted Early Bird tickets – where adult weekend camping tickets are £75, and a family of four can enjoy the weekend for just £220 - are available until 31st December. Shortly after this date, the first major line up...

Sea turtles face plastic pollution peril

Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted: Fri, 10/09/2015 - 5:19pm

A new global review led by the University of Exeter that set out to investigate the hazards of marine plastic pollution has warned that all seven species of marine turtles can ingest or become entangled in the discarded debris that currently litters the oceans.

The research, which was carried out in collaboration with Plymouth Marine Laboratory, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, North Carolina State University, Duke University Marine Lab and James Cook University, is published in the ICES Journal of Marine

Science and reveals serious knowledge gaps in the...

The real 'Paddington' captured on camera

Authored by George Dawson
Posted: Wed, 09/16/2015 - 8:13pm

A series of remarkable new camera trap videos set up with the help of Exeter University biologists has revealed some of the first ever footage of a critically endangered bird, the Sira Currasow, and has confirmed the presence of the vulnerable spectacled bear, on which the children’s character Paddington Bear is based, in the Sira Communal Reserve of Peru.

The hidden cameras also captured 30 species of mammals including jaguar, giant anteater, Brazilian tapir and puma.

Biologists from the Universities of Exeter and Glasgow, along with scientists from Peru, captured the...

Venus Awards semi-finalists announced

Authored by News Desk
Posted: Thu, 09/10/2015 - 5:13pm

Excitement is building for this year’s Devon Venus Awards with the announcement of the semi-finalists at a packed awards ceremony in Plymouth.

More than a hundred women attended the event at Plymouth Science Park, which provided complementary canapés and drinks for the nominees. Venus Awards founder Tara Howard was also on hand to congratulate all the nominees and semi-finalists.

The Venus Awards recognise the efforts and talents of local businesswomen and are split into 12 categories covering all aspects of business and personal achievement.

This year more than 2,...

Hospiscare complains to BBC about “grotty” hospice storyline in EastEnders

Authored by Mary Youlden
Posted: Thu, 05/07/2015 - 4:35pm

Exeter’s end of life charity Hospiscare has complained to the BBC about an Eastenders’ storyline criticising a “grotty” hospice.

Hospiscare housekeeper Wendy Yelland, who works at Hospiscare’s hospice in Dryden Road, was appalled after watching the story develop.

“A character in the show was dying and they ran a very negative portrayal of the hospice he was in,” said Wendy. “When he died his daughter complained about her dad dying in a grotty hospice. I was so annoyed by that comment.

“The hospice they showed is not like any of the hospices I know – they showed a...