Visit an International School with a Campus in Bangna

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, April 30, 2021 - 10:28am

Bangkok is a vast metropolis with crawling traffic, narrow side roads, and walled compounds. It's a city of shiny high-rise condos and wooded vacant lots. 

Schools have several options when choosing their locations in Bangkok. They can choose a location close to where most people and potential students live in the center of town, or they can choose a location like an international school with a Bangna campus did. They located their school where they could take advantage of lower land prices and have the option of expanding when it's needed. 

The Bangna area of Bangkok is not some distant wasteland. It's a well-developed area of residences and modern shopping malls. But what makes Bangna so appealing for an international school campus is that the lower the land prices, the more of it the school can buy, and the more money they can save to devote to building their learning infrastructure. 

Spending Wisely for the Future

Every school has to make a decision when they’re setting up a campus in Bangkok. Pick a location close to the heart of the city where the most students are, and settle for a smaller piece of land that’s more expensive. Or, do what the schools are doing recently. Choose a lower-priced piece of land away from the traffic, noise and the majority of the residents of Bangkok, and have the money left over to build an attractive school with state-of-the-art facilities.

With the money they save, they can invest in auditoriums and art supplies, and computer labs as well as science labs. And they can hire talented teachers and staff to make good use of these facilities and equipment. 

Traffic is Always a Factor in Bangkok

Bangkok is notorious around the world for some of the worst traffic. But by choosing to locate the campus of an international school in Bangna, the school is able to avoid most of that morning and evening rush-hour traffic. 

It’s in an area away from the city center, so it involves a reverse commute. This makes the commute time extremely quick and easy for all but the northern reaches of the city. The reverse commute also works in the school’s favor. By hiring transportation to bring the students to the school, the international school’s Bangna campus location away from the city center isn’t an issue.

Physical as Well as Intellectual Development

Being away from the city center and in an area with lower land costs has other advantages as well. Educators have long recognized that the student needs to develop their body as well as their mind. Fresh air, sunshine and plenty of exercise are part of a well-rounded education. And the more space a school has, the more varieties of exercise and physical activities they can offer. 

An international school with a campus in Bangna has lots of room for expansion. Many of the schools away from the city center have swimming pools, multiple playing fields for soccer matches, areas for track and field competitions, and basketball courts. 

Come and visit an international school with a Bangna campus and see what they can offer for your child’s educational and physical development.     


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