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Frank Parker
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Posted Monday, August 23, 2021 - 6:20am

RoboMarkets is an award-winning, international Cyprus-based multi-asset broking that has been in operation since 2012 and is regulated by using CySEC and IFSC, in conjunction with being registered with FMA CNB Danish FSA, EFSA, FCA, AFM, and several others.

RoboMarkets allows buyers to change several monetary gadgets across a variety of training which presents investors with the right of entry to numerous international markets.

Accounts offered by RoboMarkets:

RoboMarkets offers five essential account kinds that each have their specific buying and selling situations and serve the motive of offering investors a dynamic buying and selling enjoyment and surroundings associated with being the excellent pricing timetable.

Here is an overview of the RoboMarkets micro trading account and its trading traits and benefits. In this account type, as the base currency is cents (EU Cent, US Cent, etc.), it allows traders to check new trading strategies with small deposits.

This account has the following features:

The trader has access to all plans regarding trading that Robomarkets offer. Traders can open accounts in USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, or Gold with Forex pairs 36, Metal, And cryptocurrencies. This Account required a minimum deposit of US Dollar 100 that may equal EUR or GBP with commission-free trading. It has spreads floating pips from 1.3.

Leverage on this Account determined by trader experience and knowledge. The maximum volume of the order is 500 lots with access to micro-lot 0.01 trading.

Trading Instruments:

If a trader wants to profit in the market, he must have sound currency trading knowledge to earn a substantial profit. With knowledge of trading, he should also know a few tools of forex trading.

There are several trading tools available at RoboMarkets.

These trading tools available include complete live stocks charts for hunting price history, looking for professional buy and sell signals and provide traders with all the pertinent information they need to determine profitability levels.

See complete details here

This chart has five popular instruments with more than 1,000 new instruments available to RoboMarkets clients in multi-asset platform R Trader. The complete list, consisting of more than 11,700 instruments, includes

Instrument Current price

Opening price

Max price

Min price

Price change

Price change, %

Profit Calculation

RoboMarkets Forex Trading Calculator  is a multifaceted tool for making online calculations. It allows traders to analyze all essential parameters for trading and its results, taking into Account the instruments traders choose pips cost, spread, Margin, commissions (for ECN and Prime accounts), and swaps. The service will be helpful for traders with any trading experience.

How to use this:

Choose the instrument from the list and enter your lot size that is not less than 0.01. Then, the trader chooses their leverage value and currency base and clicks on calculate.

Calculation results display below the calculator.

By using this calculator, a trader can get data for ECN, Prime, and Pro accounts.

  • Contract Size -
  • Point Value -
  • Spread -
  • Swap Short/Swap Long -
  • Margin -
  • Commission -

If you want to change initial numbers, specify other values and click "Calculate" again.


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