Quintrex 320 Explorer boats prove popular at Brisbane Yamaha

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - 4:05pm

Have you ever visited Brisbane? If then, the most common thing you will notice among the habitats of Australia and Brisbane is love for boating.

In Brisbane, several people love to spend a whole day at the beach and ponder their summers in the water.

However, it's a good habit and passion if you are the one who wants to spend most of your time near the water, as the saltwater has the healing power that pegs out all the negativity from your soul.

Also, there are many benefits of boating, fishing, and canoeing. It makes you feel energetic and active, but here we will not discuss the benefits of boating. Instead, I will highlight one more point.

During your visit, you might observe that on the shores of Brisbane. The most common rigs used for fishing, boating, and partying are Quintrex Explorer Tinnies. For more information on the entire range visit https://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/quintrex-explorer-tinnies/.

They have launched various models in the same range, all have different qualities and shapes, but all the range is quite popular among the people, but most of the all Quintrex 320 explorer is the most famous among the ranges. Its possible qualities make it most popular and advancing at the shores of Brisbane.

In the coming summer season, you must buy one of the exotic rigs for you and your partner from the wide range of Brisbane Yamaha. The best choice is to purchase or book the Quintrex 320 explorer to ponder the best summer experience and keep the tradition of boating alive.

If you are still confused about the suggested choice, let me dissolve the issue by discussing the specification of Quintrex 320 Explorer in detail at https://www.brisbaneyamaha.com.au/quintrex-320-explorer/ so, without further ado, lets rundown from the list;

Best Freshwater Angler

Boats come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. You need first to decide where you want to ride, whether in freshwater or saltwater. The existing Tennie range is considered the best freshwater angler due to its quality shape and size. It is known as the freshwater angle and is usually used in freshwater. Such type of boat is also called multi-species boats because it is designed to give you a wide range of boating conditions and allows you to fish in small rivers, lakes, in a big water area. It has significant protection and gives you a perfect windshield on both the driver and passenger sides.


The Quintrex all Rangers are pretty affordable, that you can rent them at reasonable rates. If you plan to have a fishing day on the coming weekend, you can book a ride on the Quintrex 320 Explorer famous at affordable rates per hour. It ranges according to per hour 100$ for 4 hours and 120$ for 6 hours there are many other packages also availed online you can search them too.

Non-Problem Tinnies 

The non-problem tennis never causes any problem or leaves you in the mid-way. If you are in the center of the coastal area or a mid of the sea, you will never have any problem. Because these are manufactured with quality material, and all the parts are highly integrated and efficient in their performances. 

Best Choice for Couple Date 

It's so far the best choice for your date picnic day because it provides you with all the facilities that you can enjoy and have a perfect party day. You can go fishing, or it gives you the best homely environment and comfortable sitting. The Quintrex 320 Explorer is best for the two people families who want to enjoy themselves together, and if you're going to buy any best couple boat, then this rig is almost a first most wise for all the Australian

Quit Spacious

New models of Quintrex provide you with spacious room for your stuff compared to other rigs. It is pretty big and roomiest. If you are with your partner or a special friend, you might need the best big rig where you can place all your fishing, partying, and other stuff in one place.   

Forked Bow Structure / Design 

It has a forked bow design that has been structured in the best way with the forked bow shape that gives you the best no-fuss fishing and allows a fantastic boating experience. With the new rig design, you can get Roomy, easy handle, and stable dry rides. You can have this as a companion on the long days we watch.

Best for a Fishing Day
It is easy to handle with the roomy and best for the long voyages. It has featured seats and an open cockpit area where you can dance or have a party night. You can also have a two-person fishing date on the water to do no-fuss fishing because it is designed for family fishing with the perfect anglers.

Best for Vacations

Whether you are planning for the island visit or having a vacation to zoom out from the outer world, this rig is the best fit according to your preferences. It has the quality and integrated functioning with comfortable seats and the comfortable roomiest space to put your belongings.

Fulfill all Your Needs

It measures 3.25m with a 1.32m beam with 1.6mm top and bottom sides and can carry two people. The back open cockpit has a lot of space to place and packs your gear. 

It features bench seats, rowlock blocks, transom handles, a front deck, and solid corners. Or you could pair it up with a Bimini for a long day's voyage on the water.

Average Weight

It has an average weight of 63kg with a maximum and powerful horsepower that rates 7hp. This rig will be the best companion for the coming holiday and will become the best fit for you. But don't forget to pack the rods!

Quality Material 

The quality material is used to manufacture the powerful two-person boat with aluminum sheets with perfect durability. It has the most advanced and equipped machinery used in the rig

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