How Much do Sports Traders Earn?

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Thursday, June 30, 2022 - 7:15am

Given the sensitive duties of sports traders, it's only natural to wonder how much they're paid since they act to ensure profits for the bookmakers and bettors regardless of the outcome of the game played.

This article seeks to discuss how much sports traders earn; but before that, I'll take a few paragraphs to review who they are, and their responsibilities, and finally before we explore their average salary. 

Who is a Sport Trader? 

A sport Trader or informally called a “Sporting Coaster” is an expert who works for a bookmaker and is tasked with the primary responsibility of determining the values of the bets (the odds) on sporting events. A challenging work that involves a high degree of flexibility and a significant amount of availability. Every bookmaker like TheTrader has a qualified and experienced sports trader. 

He is responsible for ensuring the operation of, as well as the growth of the various sports betting services. It is up to him to determine the odds and keep track of them for the numerous leagues and competitions that take place (football, basketball, handball, swimming, etc.). The level of the odds is defined and modified, and its compatibility with the betting market is checked to ensure that it is adequate.

What Are The Duties Of A Sport Trader? 

  • When you place a wager with a bookmaker on the result of a sporting event, you are required to accept the odds that have been established. The Sports Betting Trader is responsible for calculating these odds.
  • It will be possible for him to take into consideration the true extent of the odds while also taking into account the profitability of the wagers for the bookmaker who would record them.
  • The Sports Trader can conduct a thorough assessment of the dangers involved and calculate the percentage of chance that they pose because they will have accounted for all of these factors.
  • Given that wagering is subject to regulatory oversight, a trader in sports betting needs to remain current on all legislative changes that could affect his area of operation.

How Much Do Sports Traders Earn? 

Insiders in the industry estimate that the annual salary of an odds trader will come in at a little bit more than £30,000 on average. That is the average, with some people earning closer to £20,000 and others making more than £45,000 pounds. The fact that there is a well-defined path to a successful profession that sports traders can take is an essential takeaway from this article.

The majority of people will start their careers in the betting industry as junior sports traders before eventually becoming senior traders. After that, senior traders can expect to make up to £80,000, with the possibility of bonuses at all levels of the profession.

The fact is that sports traders do operate at the core of the business, which means that they have the ability to move into other sections of the industry. A career as a Sports trader could be a good option for you if you are looking for a job that offers a lot of room for advancement.


One of the many lucrative job opportunities that can be found within the gambling business is that of a sports trader. To be a successful sports trader, you need to have a wide variety of abilities and take on a lot of duties. Because of the nature of the work, the remuneration is above average.


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