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Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 5:26pm

Quintrex boats are aluminum boats that provide the most stable and dry rides because of their unique shape and structure. Quintrex boats are uniquely designed for the Australian climate. It is one of the most favoured fishing boats. People who love boating and a good ride should choose these Quintrex boats. Yamaha is the best brand to go for while looking for Quintrex boats because of its unique style and price. Brisbane Yamaha is well-known throughout Brisbane and Queensland because of its pricing and service that is provided. It is a one-stop store for people across Queensland and Brisbane. We provide valuable customer service, and we have a group of specialists to help you guide through our range of Quintrex Yamaha boats. We offer a range of Quintrex boats. It includes Runabouts, Cabin boats, Hornets, Tinnies, so on and so forth. The reasons why you should go for the Brisbane Yamaha Quintrex boats are listed below:

The Hull

Hull is a part of your boat that lies both inside as well as outside of water. It can most easily be understood as part of the boat that touches the surface of the water. Hulls can be of different shapes based on the size as well as the purpose of the boat. It can be a round-bottomed hull, V-bottomed hull, flat bottomed hull, multi-chine hull so on and so forth. Round bottom hulls are the most unstable; they can be found in sailboats. Flat bottomed hulls are also considered to not be stable in rough water. A flat bottom hull can be used for sailing in calm water. There is also a displacement hull that is used in larger boats to power through the rough water. These are comparatively more stable and better for the rough waters. Multi-chine hulls are also very stable, but it's hard to control because of the shape of the hull. The best-shaped hull for fishing purposes for which you had to use your Quintrex boats is a V-bottomed hull. It is a very interesting shape of a hull that allows the boat to cut through the water. It maintains stability throughout the ride, and the chances of the boat turning are very low. It also cuts through water so that the rider does not get wet due to the displacement of water. The Brisbane Yamaha Quintrex boats have a range of hull options like the blade hull, the eclipse hull, or the millennial hull for you to choose from and have a better and smoother ride.

The bow

The bow is the front part of the boat that helps the boat cut through the water. Brisbane Yamaha Quintrex boats are made with utmost precision. Aluminium is used in these boats to bend and get a perfect shape of the bow. These boats have flared concave bows. The flared shape gives more stability to the boat and allows the boat to sail in rough waters by cutting through it. The bow's flared shape is achieved only by the supreme quality of aluminium used in the making of the boats.


The Brisbane Yamaha Quintrex boats are one of the best in the market. Built after a lot of research, these boats are one the best rides. Starting from the structure of the boat. Its hull, bow, cleat, stern everything is designed with utmost precision. Choosing us will provide you with smoother and safer rides. The boats are made of premium quality aluminium and designed for you to have a nice day out on the weekends.


Brisbane Yamaha is one of the most trusted sources to get your boats. It is specifically designed for the Australian market and is appreciated and valued for the unique value for the price it offers. The boats offered by us are of supreme quality, but you can get these boats at a reasonable and affordable cost.

We are one of the most preferred brands when it comes to Quintrex boats. We offer a variety of options for you to select your Quintrex boats. These range from Open boats and Tinnies, Explorer Tinnies, Hornets, so and so forth. We provide you with a variety that is hardly available in the market. Along with the variety offered, we also let you customize your boat by choosing the stripes and canopy colour. You can also choose the colour of the hull as most hulls have to be coated with a vinyl coating after it has been painted. We let you choose the vinyl wrap that you want for your boat. We are the most trusted in the market, with cutting-edge technology and fair-priced deals. Go book a test ride for yourself today from Brisbane Yamaha, best known for its Quintrex boats. Read more!

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