Common household appliances in Australia that consume the most electricity

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 10:17pm

If you have ever wondered, after looking at your electricity bill, and questioned how you have consumed so much electricity over the month, you know the degree of frustration. Before judging anything, you need to know the appliances you are using for the household. And how much electricity each appliance consumes in a day or per hour.

However, sometimes, despite using electricity conservatively, you are handed a huge electricity bill. In that case, the problem might be with the electricity providers. So, Econnex has come up with a tool on its platform that can compare predicted bills from the different providers, so you can hire the best energy provider for your household.

It is a fact that the machines used for heating and cooling consume the majority of the total power consumption. It consumes around 38 percent of the overall power consumption. The electricity consumption during boiling the water is approximately 25%, whereas, fridge or freezers alone uses up to 7 percent.  

Air conditioners:

This is one of the appliances that consume the most substantial part of the overall electricity consumption in your household. In summer, people cannot leave without AC. And in winter it is obvious for the citizens to use room heater. It is difficult to survive the Queensland Summer without an air conditioner. So, the usage of these appliances is always high

 By simply purchasing the energy-efficient appliances in this category, you can make your electricity bills significantly lesser.

Hot water appliances:

 The hot water system is very common in Australia even in the rest of the world. During the shower, people use most of the appliances. So, just like AC and room heater, to operate itself, it burns a significant unit of electricity. However, by shortening your bath time, you can save your money from paying the electricity providers in Australia. 


Refrigerator is the major appliance that runs always. It keeps the vegetables, meats, fish, and frits always fresh. Out of any of the appliances mentioned above you need the appliance the most. The electricity consumption depends on the size and capacity of the appliances. But it is evident that the average size of a refrigerator in the Australian household is 600 liters. This can amount to be 101-166 USD annually.

So, when you are buying a refrigerator, it is better that you put little more money and get a more energy-efficient refrigerator. For maximum efficiency, you must keep the refrigerator in the right place such as in a cool place, away from sunlight and cooking oven, etc.

Washing machine:

One of the appliances that is found in most of the households in Australia and which cost the most amount of billing is a tumble dryer. However, it depends on the frequency of your use of the dryer. But still, the study says that it adds $100 to $200 to your electricity bills.

 Likewise, Washing machine is now the appliance used in every household. The cost, it adds to your electricity bill, is around $70 to $100.


A cooking oven is the most used however minor electricity consuming appliances. But the frequency of its use is higher. So, it resultantly costs you annually $60 to $70.


 Although after the advent of the internet and accessibility of the mobile phone, a massive shift of audiences from TV to mobile phones is seen. But still, an LED TV costs you around $100 worth of electricity consumption annually.

Econnex is a platform that gives you a detailed analysis and predicted bills for all the energy providers to find out the best energy provider in Australia for your household.

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