WOW ideas for Mummy & Me spring/summer outfits

The beautiful relationship between mother and daughter is the basis of a girl's character, self-esteem and self-confidence. Girls like to follow in their mother's footsteps and even from an early age they like to dress like their mother, be that in skirts, denim, girls pyjamas, pretty dresses, they'll even want to try on the matching lipstick. 

Coming to the point, in this post, we will offer some ideas on how to style yourself and your daughter in a 'WOW' way. We will look at the ideas for spring/summer, but there are really no rights or wrongs, just dress the way you want!


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The perfect matching spring outfit in 2021 for mother and daughter to wear can be as simple as a comfortable shirt, denim jeans, and boots. Why not jazz things up by adding a touch of vibrant shade to the shirts.


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Another option is to go for a white and an elegant below the knee dress with white lace sleeves. To add a bit of sparkle just place a pink floral crown on your heads. Cute!


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Are you a lover of black and your daughter loves yellow? 

For a stunning look, wear a black and white spotted tunic top and bright yellow shorts. Mum can wear heels and daughter can wear pumps. To add more beauty to your look, wear a delicate black necklace if you have one. Trust me! You’ll look amazing.


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Invited to a birthday party?

When it comes to summer birthday parties always choose subtle and sophisticated colors. Choose a muted pink or peach coloured party dress for you and your daughter. Delicate hair accessories will look fabulous with a pretty party dress.


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You usually get invited to pyjama parties in the summer, so wearing a cute cotton top with the same designed girls' pyjamas will make both mum and daughter look wonderful. Don’t forget to put on white footwear. You two will become the centerpiece of a pyjama party.


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Want to take some familiy photos this summer?

Amaze everybody with matching formal outfits. If your lovely daughter likes tutus, you can add some more net under the gowns. Shades like pink, blue, yellow, or orange would work well. To inject a flash in your first look you could wear heels and your daugher could wear matching flat sandals. Flat sandals always look adorable on kids.

But wait! Don’t overlook wearing a nice pair of earrings.


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Jumpsuits never go out of fashion at any time of year. Stun your friends and family by wearing a monochrome jumpsuit twinning with your daughter at the upcoming get-together.

All the above mentioned ideas are popular choices of mothers and daughters, from around the world. 

You are free to choose your own style. 


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