What to consider when looking for a vaporizer?

David Humphrey
Authored by David Humphrey
Posted Thursday, February 18, 2021 - 6:13am

Health effects that flow from smoking are widely researched. However, the effects that a vaporizer has, not so much. More research on the subject is flowing in, helping to shine a light on the effects that a vaporizer has on your health. The effects are less harmful than smoking and also limit the impact on your lungs. Particularly,  for the consumption of cannabis.

Carbonization versus smoking

When you smoke cannabis you are burning it, often combined with tobacco. When you go vaping, you will carbonate the cannabis. This means that it will be heated until the extent that it becomes smoke and can be inhaled. This limits the consumption of unhealthy byproducts such as tar. Therefore, the usage of a vaporizer is often preferred over smoking.

Vaping is preferred

However, lots of people do not have a vaporizer at their disposal. It can be hard to find a store where you can purchase them. Furthermore, tobacco is more often at your disposal. This makes the practice of smoking cannabis still common, although better alternatives exist. If you are a conscious cannabis consumer, moving to ‘vaping’ will significantly improve your experience and health.

Becoming more common among consumers

Due to the health effects of smoking, more consumers are making the shift towards ‘vaping’. This has resulted in a boom in the manufacturers of these devices. The availability of the current devices can be summed up as ‘desktop’ vaporizers and ‘portable’ vaporizers. As the name implies, desktop products can be used at home and are larger than portable devices. They are generally more complex and have better temperature controls. In general, these devices are known to be more sophisticated than their smaller counterparts.

Portability, however, is an important feature to take into consideration. They have simple controls and make them easy to use when you are not home. The functionality in terms of temperature is limited, which also affects the quality of your inhale. There is no right or wrong in this case, it depends on where you want to use it for and the desired quality.

Growing cannabis yourself

If you are into the health effects of cannabis consumption, you might want to consider cannabis seeds from Zamnesia. Purchasing these seeds allows you to grow your own cannabis. This is a preferred practice, as you are in control of cannabis along the process. This makes it possible to grow organic cannabis, ensuring good quality and eliminating the use of pesticides. After all, you do not know how purchased cannabis is grown and under what conditions.

There is a large community of people that embrace growing cannabis. You can tap into their community and learn from them along the way. This is not only a learning experience but will also enable you to create a quality product.

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