Ways to Style Personalised Jewellery

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Monday, January 11, 2021 - 6:15pm

Personalized jewelry has been around since time immemorial, and in the modern age, it has found prominence in fashion and medical use. Many people wear medical bracelets to alert paramedics of any allergies or other medical conditions in the absence of a family member or caretaker who can provide this information. Other people wear name jewelry to customize their style or because they carry a certain degree of sentimental value.

You'll find personalized jewelry everywhere nowadays, from engraved wedding rings and a monogrammed pendant to class rings and an old English name necklace. You may have one in your jewelry box right now. The question on most people's minds may be, how does one properly style these pieces?

Well, here are a few tips so you can wear your personalized jewelry confidently.

1. Class rings

Class rings tend to be larger and bulkier than typical rings, with giant stones or carved logos and words that make them eye-catching. Jewelry like this is very out of place in a casual setting. They're best worn for school-related events like alumni homecomings, class reunions, or even when you're called back to your alma mater to deliver a speech. They look best with formal attire like suits, so you can also wear them if you're attending a gala or a wedding.

2. Name jewelry

Styling tips for name jewelry vary on a case to case basis. Subtle pieces like necklaces with your initials or engraved wedding rings or bar bracelets can be worn anywhere and with any outfit. More obvious name jewelry may be awkward to wear in public due to privacy concerns. Who wants total strangers referring to you by your first name? However, these are okay to wear at family functions like weddings, birthday parties, and other such events. They're also great when hanging out with friends and might also help break the ice on a first date.

3. Statement pieces

Crystal-encrusted logo necklaces and giant rings hit it big in the 80s hip-hop scene, but recently, flashy jewelry is finding a resurgence in style nowadays thanks to celebrities. As long as you wear them in the right context, you don't have to worry about looking tacky. Personalized statement pieces are a great addition to a party or clubbing outfit. Unique pieces such as these can be a great conversation starter and are a great way to get attention.

Personalized jewelry is great to tie together an outfit or add an extra touch to your overall look. You're free to experiment with your style, but for less casual settings, you'll want to put some effort into looking your absolute best. This is where proper styling comes in. You wouldn't wear a plastic beaded name bracelet to a wedding the same way you wouldn't wear your swimsuit to a business meeting. Read up on fashion blogs and ask the stylish people around you for advice on how to wear the right jewelry for the occasion, and you'll be just fine.

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