Top 6 Sites to Buy Youtube Views in 2022

Simon Wells
Authored by Simon Wells
Posted Monday, June 6, 2022 - 8:05pm

We've been using YouTube for over a decade, and it's still going strong. From its humble beginnings as just a video-sharing site, YouTube has grown into a global entertainment powerhouse. It's estimated that more than one billion individuals use YouTube every day. As a result, many users want to achieve fame on the network. It's challenging to get traction on this platform because of the high saturation levels and competition. Because of this, services to purchase YouTube subscribers and likes are in high demand.

The top places to buy 1 million youtube views, likes, and subscribers are listed here. Views, likes, and subscribers to your YouTube channel may be purchased at these sites. If you've been looking to boost the number of people who see your YouTube videos, you may do so by purchasing more views. This is a good place to start, even if you want to learn how to get more followers on YouTube. Hopefully, you've gotten something out of it. The greatest places to purchase YouTube subscribers, likes, and views have been identified.

1.    Follower Packages

Increasing demand for social media marketing services has resulted in an abundance of companies offering these solutions. In order to seem more reputable on social media, purchasing social media services to raise interaction numbers on your posts or profile might be beneficial.

The more social proof you have, the more people will be drawn to your cause, and this will help you get a lot of visibility and attention, which will help you gain a lot of credibility on that social media site. A company called FollowerPackages offers high-quality services that will help you get started. It claims you may purchase actual YouTube followers, views, and likes if you utilize their services. Currently, FollowerPackages offers products and services for four major social media networks.

People purchase SoundCloud, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook likes, views and comments on this site. From this service, you may purchase YouTube views, or you can purchase YouTube likes if you want. The cost of a subscription to YouTube views is $19 per month. At this price, you'll receive 2.5k views. There are less expensive options, but this one promises to provide excellent value for money in the form of cheap YouTube likes. Buying 150 YouTube views for $20 gets you 150 likes on the video-sharing site.

2.    Get Viral

The service GetViral has been around for a while and promises to be able to help anybody increase their social media influence. The organization provides services for a wide range of social media platforms. People want to expand their followings on various social media sites. They hope to make a name for themselves and acquire a following by participating in these online communities. sells likes, views, followers, subscribers, and more for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, and other social media platforms. When it comes to social media, GetViral claims to be an expert. Quality services that also have helped customers thrive on social media platforms have been offered for more than seven years by this company.

According to the website, it has already fulfilled hundreds of thousands of purchases for thousands of pleased customers. The firm promises, and you may put your faith in them. $11.99 is the price for one hundred subscriptions. You can get 100 YouTube likes for $6.99 if you purchase them. Packages for purchasing YouTube views are also available. If you pay $9.99, you'll receive a thousand views.


Let's move on to the next platform in our list of the best site to buy youtube views and subscribers. As far as social media marketing and promotion is concerned, SocialPros is a pro, according to the company. You'll work with a team of social media gurus that know how to help you expand your online presence.

It claims that the top specialists the firm claims to have are required if one wants to increase one's social media reputation. Various services are available on the site designed to help you become noticed on various social media sites. You may do it effortlessly if you want to purchase cheap YouTube views, Instagram likes, or TikTok views. The procedure has been streamlined, and you can buy the metrics you need for your content, profile, or channel with just a few clicks.

For a monthly fee, you may purchase subscriptions to Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, TikTok, Clubhouse, Facebook, and services. On, you can get cheap YouTube views. Just $3.50 will get you 500 views. You may also use this platform to increase your YouTube following. There is a $6 fee for every 50 subscribers. You may purchase 100 YouTube likes for $6 if you wish.

4.    Viralyft

There are a few more sites that you can check out in order to find the finest places to buy YouTube likes and views, so let's get started! Viralyft is one of the many social networking services that mention Viralyft. Many individuals have used the services offered by this website during its existence. The firm promises you won't be disappointed if you buy anything from them. Customers that purchase social media services from us will only get high-quality results that are beneficial to their business's development. Viralyft guarantees that purchasing services from them will take no time at all.

You won't have trouble following the instructions since they are all broken down into the simplest steps. Aside from that, the site will begin to work as soon as you place your order to ensure that you get your desired number of new "Likes," "Views," "Followers," and "Subscribers" on time.

YouTube services are also available for purchase. Viralyft claims you may purchase actual YouTube subscribers, likes, and views for your videos on the website. You may get 100 subscribers for $10.99. For 100 likes on YouTube, you'll need to pay $6.99. At $6.99, you can get 1,000 views on YouTube from a service that offers low-cost views.

5.    Views Expert

Many websites have started delivering engagement data to their customers through a network of social media users. One of them is If you want to purchase YouTube likes or subscribers, is one option. It provides you with the best social media marketing and advertising services available. Because of its large user base, it will be able to meet the needs of its customers.

There are a variety of social media marketing services available on this site. It is possible to purchase metrics from various platforms, including but not limited to those listed above. Some of the world's most famous social media networks want services that may help their users build their followings. The organization offers a variety of options for purchasing its products and services.

Thus, you may buy everything you want within your means. You can get 100 YouTube followers for $9.50, which is great. The site also offers the option to purchase YouTube views at a discount. You may acquire 500 YouTube views for $3. Customers may expect live chat, email, and phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


There is a lot of confidence in the service provided by Clients that buy views on youtube from the company's website are promised outstanding outcomes. It's not that tough to expand on social media platforms with the aid of these businesses. There is a claim by Social Rush that it understands exactly what people are seeking when they purchase YouTube views.

They're looking to increase their video's engagement metrics by gaining more YouTube views and likes. It might also assist in raising their profile on the platform. The firm offers social media services for various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, if you're searching for social media services to help you promote across several platforms, this is the place to go.

SocialRush claims to be one of the greatest places to purchase YouTube likes, views, and subscribers. Clients will appreciate the affordable prices and the high quality of service they will get from this business when they require it most. To get 1500 views on YouTube, you'll have to pay $9.99. You can get 100 YouTube subscribers for $11.99, which is a good deal. The cost of 100 YouTube "likes" is $6.99.

Is Buying Youtube Views Safe And Legal?

Buying YouTube views, likes, or subscribers is perfectly legal in the U.S. and other countries. YouTube's rules and conditions have nothing to say about this. In order to buy subscribers, you need to work with a reliable business. All of the companies on this list provide safe and convenient ways to pay, as well as responsive customer care departments in the event of any problems.


The finest places to purchase Views on youtube, likes, and subscribers have ended. In addition, we've supplied answers to some commonly asked questions and a few pointers for further development. For your channel's success, we strongly advocate putting a lot of effort into producing quality and interesting material. I hope you discover a good place to purchase YouTube likes, views, & subscribers and improve your video's metrics. Thank you for your time and consideration, and we wish you every success in your quest for YouTube stardom.

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