Six Ways to Make a Statement as a Man

Val Watson
Authored by Val Watson
Posted Monday, July 18, 2022 - 4:35pm

Most people try very hard to fit in. But a leader is the man who stands out head and shoulders above the crowd. If you are ready to take up the challenge, here are six ways to make a statement as a man.

Deliver a Consistent Message

Who you are on the inside and what you present to people on the outside should not be at odds with each other. When the message you send out differs from what others sense about you, it produces cognitive dissonance and results in mistrust. It will also make you feel off balance. The opposite of cognitive dissonance is harmony. There is no conflict between what you believe and how you act. This requires self-knowledge, self-discipline, and choosing excellence in all things.

Be Well-Informed

Daily life consists of multiple interactions where the confident man can talk with ease about virtually any topic. The majority of men talk about three things – the weather, the latest sports results, and themselves. A real man listens attentively and responds appropriately. He is well-read and stays up to date on global matters. He is a citizen of the world with high principles and at home in any setting.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

Studies have shown that a high degree of emotional intelligence in employees affects a company’s bottom line positively. For the individual, it enhances his professional standing. No matter where others are coming from, you need to be the master of your emotions.


There is more to a man than how he looks, what he wears, and how he speaks. Discover what you are passionate about, and what calls forth your desire to change something for the better. Whether this is rescuing feral cats or finding better ways to solve a problem, you need to have an inner drive. A man should make a lasting contribution to his world.

Your Look Should Reflect Who You Are

You need to choose a look that suits you, that is distinctive and original. It should express who you are. This makes a man stand out from other men because there is something special about him. Start with a hairstyle and beard that make a statement. Check out the Handsome Devils tattoo and barbers in Walsall for ideas on how to be a distinguished gentleman.

Your wardrobe speaks volumes about you. Make sure you own at least one tailor-made suit that fits perfectly. Select jeans that suit your body type and pair these with monochrome T-shirts for a timeless casual look. Invest in a quality watch.

Be Well-Groomed

Good grooming starts with basic hygiene. Have an invigorating shower daily and make sure your mouth is always clean and fresh. Pay attention to your hair and beard. Check that your clothes are properly aligned, neat, and ironed before leaving home.

Select a scent that resonates with you. Your fragrance is an often-forgotten, yet essential item to complete your grooming and personal statement. Stay away from the everyday, popular brands and choose one that is you.

Be bold. Be unique. Be yourself.

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