Immigration in the United Kingdom – New plans and updates

David Banks
Authored by David Banks
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 5:23pm

Are you planning to enter and reside in the United Kingdom? If yes, please note that there are different ways to get there. The process is quite different depending on the entry method you selected. However, you have to make sure you pass the immigration qualification, or else your dream of becoming a resident will be in trouble. One of the standard procedures is to take Life in the UK Test. It’s a test where your knowledge about the UK will be challenged. It is a must to pass the test, or else your appeal to become a UK resident will be denied.

There are new plans and updates you have to be aware of. These are the following:

Update on asylum status

There is a growing backlog of asylum decisions, which citizenship experts and officers think would require a huge investment. They employ an assortment of measures to chip away safeguard measures that currently exist for asylum seekers in the United Kingdom. Asylum seekers will be eventually recognized as refugees. For the last five years, the country has resettled close to 26,000 refugees, where 20,000 of them are Syrians. According to the United Nations, there are close to 26 million refugees across the globe. However, they are not allowed to apply directly for resettlement in the United Kingdom. The NGOs will be the ones to decide. Other rules that apply include the following:

  • If both parents are already refugees, unmarried dependent children under the age of 21 can come to the UK.
  • Those who illegally enter the UK to claim asylum will be subjected to punishment. They could be inadmissible to the asylum system, especially if they could have claimed asylum in another safe country.
  • The access to the United Kingdom’s asylum system must be based on needs, especially the most vulnerable ones like women and children.
  • More support will be given to people who come to the UK via legal resettlement routes. The kind of support refugees will receive massive, such as learning the English language, finding work, and integrating with the community. It is also possible to obtain British citizenship easily for those who came on boats from the Caribbean in the 50s and 60s, including their children.

The new plans and updates about the UK’s immigration status create a faster and fairer system to support and help the most vulnerable sector. It is a great step for Britain, not only for its image as a haven for those in need but for scrutinizing criminal acts. It is a country where criminality is not rewarded.

The recent updates about the UK’s immigration process, especially its take on refugees and the asylum system, received mixed reactions from other government sectors and the entire British nation. Some are happy about it, while others are skeptical. It’s a huge take that the British government has been doing for the past decades. It remains true to its promise to be a sanctuary and haven for the needy.



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