How to navigate dating in a post-lockdown world

Claire Small
Authored by Claire Small
Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 2:17pm

Lives up and down the country, and around the world, changed when the pandemic caused lockdowns and restrictions. Food stock was affected, jobs were paused, and people’s love lives were put on hold.

The dating scene changed dramatically. Apps were downloaded or deleted, socially-distanced dates were embraced (how many times did you visit a local park?) and vaccines became a common dinner conversation topic.

As we all begin to get used to the “new normal”, we’re going to reveal our top tips on how to navigate dating in a post-lockdown world.

  1. Be open about how you feel

Once upon a time, we would be discussing how you should be open about what you want out of your relationship: A friendship, children, marriage etc. But instead, we’re talking about pandemic restrictions. If you’re starting a new connection and haven’t yet met, why not have a virtual date to discuss how you feel – if, for example, you share completely different views on vaccinations, you may not be 100% compatible.

We’re not suggesting the first question you ask is “what vaccine did you have?” but when the time is right you can move on to pandemic talk. Ask more personal questions at the start to get to know them. Ask about their interests, their favourite ice cream flavour, are they a cat or dog person?

  1. Planning a virtual date

We know you may be over the whole “virtual” life, but a virtual date is a good way to get to know someone before meeting up in person. And due to the pandemic, many businesses adapted to make virtual life easier. Streaming services, for example, added group watching so you can watch a film or TV show at the exact same time as someone else. And takeaways added group orders – so it has never been easier to have a virtual date.

  1. You don’t need to use apps now

During the lockdown, with restaurants, bars, clubs and non-essential shops closed, online dating and apps were essential for meeting new people. But now, with restrictions eased, there’s more opportunity to meet people in person. But now, you can use a combination of online and in-person dating to build up your confidence. Why not offer to buy that person’s coffee for them?

  1. Keep positive

Don’t feel put off if your date isn’t successful. We know it can be disheartening especially when dating in person was restricted for so long. But focus on the positives – while you may not find your soulmate straight away, you can make friends in the process.

  1. Have fun!

Most importantly, you should have fun. Research has found that restaurants are the most popular post-lockdown date location. Followed by a visit to the pub, park, cinema and amusement park. So whether you opt for a virtual date or in real life, there are plenty of exciting dates you can plan:

  • Cinema date
  • Visit a theme park
  • Cook each other a meal
  • Have a beach day
  • Wine tasting night.

Ready to start navigating the dating world?


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