A Guide to buying the best paint marker in the UK

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Friday, July 30, 2021 - 3:56pm

There are over 55,000 self-employed artists in the UK, as per recent stats. Whether you pursue art as a profession or a hobby, it's critical to invest in high-grade art supplies for the best results. Art enthusiasts use tools like paint markers for several reasons. These markers are excellent for sketching and doodling.

To paint well and explore your creativity, you need access to premium-grade paint markers like Posca Pens UK. Not only do these pens offer high-quality results, but they are also reasonably priced. There are several paint marker types you may choose from. You may compare ink types, nib types, and nib size before choosing markers for art-making.

Define Your Art Making Requirements

The type of markers you choose should align with your art-making requirements. If you are a professional artist who produces and delivers unique art pieces for a living, you may need premium markers that offer precision and impeccable results. On the other hand, if you're starting as an artist, you may choose learning-level markers that are likely to be more affordable. 

It's also vital to get a clear understanding of the type of art you want to make. If you don't follow a specific art style, you may choose versatile ball nib markers that may work for multiple art types. Conversely, if the artwork requires high-detailing and perfection, you may choose specific thin-nib markers.

For instance, art forms like mandala art involve high levels of detail. The patterns in the vast picture may contain several minute details. A marker that offers precision and perfection may be the best choice in this case. 

Determine Which Tones You Need

High-grade markers like Posca Pens UK come in several shades and tones. You may either choose packs that offer various shades or buy packs that offer light and dark variations of a few similar shades.

You may also check how many colours and tones you need for your artwork. Multi-colour packs that come with several colour options may work best if you make versatile artwork. Marker sets usually come in packs of 12. 

Drawing or Painting Surfaces

The marker type you choose should be visible on the surfaces you plan to paint on. Marker pens like Posca Pens UK can draw on metal, glass, terracotta, porcelain, and other surfaces. You may choose multi-purpose marker types that can draw on multiple surfaces for versatility and high-quality results. 

You can make glass art and porcelain art with these markers. You may read the features and specifications of markers you shortlist to ensure they are visible on several surfaces. Opaque colour markers dry quickly. This feature helps minimize the scope of blotching, patching, or blotting.

Opaque markers also offer high visibility. The new ink will completely cover up the old ink. You may read reviews and ratings of different marker sets to know more about their quality and features.

Nib Type and Size

It's vital to choose the right nib size and type while buying paint markers. Thin bullet nib types offer better control and precision. These nibs are the best choice if your artwork requires detailing. You may choose markers with thicker nibs if you need the markers for filling broad patterns or for painting. 

If you are new to art, you may choose a marker with acid-free ink. These markers erase well and are ideal for boards, glass surfaces, and other painting surfaces. It is recommended you read customer reviews and check out customer ratings before choosing markers. The ink type and quality are other considerations.

Wrap Up

Markers are highly versatile art tools. There are several art-specific factors you need to consider if you plan on buying paint markers. It's best to buy from reputed brands that sell high-grade markers and art tools.


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