Exploring Holland's Best Seasonal Job Opportunities

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Monday, July 1, 2024 - 11:17am

Holland is a country well known for its picturesque landscapes, rich historical and cultural heritage, and friendly people. But what if you find yourself so attracted to the many beauties of what Holland has to offer that a mere tourist visit would leave you longing for more? In that case, finding a seasonal job might be just the thing for you. This would give you plenty of time to fully submerge in Holland's way of living and at the same time make some income.

Luckily Holland's job market is so diverse it has something for everyone, whether you are drawn to agriculture, tourism and hospitality, or retail service. So if this sparks your interest, let us look at some of the possibilities and valuable work experiences that the country offers, but also ways you can find a seasonal job.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs

Online and Direct Approaches

With the right and planned approach job searching in Holland can be a stress- and hassle-free process. The best way to start is by exploring online boards dedicated to seasonal or temporary positions, such as Indeed, Glassdoor, or specialized Dutch job sites like seasonalwork.nl.

If you are already in Holland you can approach local employment agencies or reach out to businesses directly such as hotels, tour companies, retail stores, or farms.

Also, you can make great use of networking by joining local social media groups, attending job affairs, or using platforms like LinkedIn where you can connect with employers and showcase your skills and experiences relevant to your interest and expertise.

Whatever way you find is best, make sure you express your enthusiasm and willingness to work and learn.

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies like Robin Jobs Netherlands, Adecco, and Manpower can be of great help as they not only match job seekers with employers but can also offer jobs in Netherlands with accommodation for international workers as well as additional support i.e. with paperwork and helping understand local employment laws.

Average Salaries

Salaries for seasonal jobs in Holland vary depending on the industry, position, experience level, location, or employer policies.

Agricultural jobs, on average such as flower bulb harvesting and fruit picking can earn between €9 to €12 per hour. Tourism and hospitality roles, including tour guides and hotel staff, may range from €10 to €15 per hour. Retail and customer service positions typically offer hourly rates of €9 to €13, while specialized roles like language tutors or outdoor adventure guides can command rates of €12 to €20 per hour. It's important to note that these are average estimates, and actual salaries may vary and differ.

Agricultural Opportunities

Flower Bulb Harvester (Tulip Season Specialist): Delve into the beauty of Holland's flower fields during tulip season. As a bulb harvester, you'll gather tulip bulbs, daffodils, and other blooms, contributing to the vibrant floral industry.

Fruit Picker (Berry Orchard Expert): Work in picturesque berry orchards, picking strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries during the summer harvest. Your efforts will supply fresh fruits to local markets and restaurants.

Greenhouse Worker (Herb Cultivation Specialist): Cultivate aromatic herbs in Holland's greenhouses, including basil, mint, and rosemary. Your role ensures a steady supply of fresh herbs for culinary enthusiasts.

Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Tour Guide (Historical Tour Specialist): Lead guided tours through Holland's historic sites, such as medieval castles, windmills, and museums. Your storytelling skills will bring history to life for visitors.

Hotel Staff (Resort Concierge): Provide personalized service to guests at luxury resorts, assisting with reservations, and activities, and ensuring a memorable stay.

Event Coordinator (Festival Planner): Plan and execute seasonal events, from music festivals to food fairs, showcasing Holland's culture and creativity.

Restaurant Host (Dining Experience Curator): Welcome guests to top-rated restaurants, manage reservations, and ensure an exceptional dining experience. Your role will include coordinating seating arrangements, assisting with special requests, and providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere for diners. This position is ideal for those who enjoy engaging with people and have a passion for the culinary arts.

Retail and Customer Service Sector

Retail Associate (Fashion Boutique Stylist): Work in upscale fashion boutiques, offering style advice and assisting customers in finding the perfect outfit or accessory.

Restaurant Server (Culinary Ambassador): Serve authentic Dutch cuisine and international dishes to diners, highlighting Holland's culinary heritage and diverse flavors.

Language Tutor (Language Exchange Facilitator): Teach Dutch or English to language learners, fostering cultural exchange and communication skills.

Outdoor and Adventure Roles

Bicycle Tour Guide (Countryside Explorer): Lead cycling tours through Holland's scenic countryside, showcasing picturesque villages, tulip fields, and windmills along the way.

Canal Boat Captain (Waterway Navigator): Pilot canal boats in cities like Amsterdam, providing informative and enjoyable tours along the historic waterways.

Campsite Host (Nature Enthusiast): Manage campsites during the summer months, welcoming campers and organizing outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and campfire gatherings.

Art and Culture

Artisan Market Vendor (Craft Connoisseur): Sell handmade crafts and artwork at local markets and fairs, sharing your creativity with visitors from around the world.

Museum Guide (Art History Expert): Lead guided tours in museums, sharing insights into Dutch art history and showcasing renowned masterpieces.

Theatre Performer (Entertainment Artist): Join seasonal theatre productions or street performances, entertaining audiences with music, dance, and drama.


Holland is a country rich in offering many unique experiences and its charm extends to its versatile and welcoming job market, which offers competitive salaries and fulfilling work environments.

Whether you're exploring the countryside or its cultural heritage, or maybe engaging in creative pursuits, seasonal jobs in Holland can extend your stay and offer financial rewards all while creating the most memorable adventures inside this charming European country.

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