The boredom cure: How to get the most from your city

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2021 - 3:18pm

In a world of constant connection, it can be easy to forget how to get bored. In fact, boredom is a peculiarly modern malady. Before the invention of the internet and the smartphone, there were no 'boredom-free zones' to escape to. Now, we have a near limitless number of escapist options to dull the pain of a slow commute or a restless afternoon at home. Here are some ways to lift your spirits: 

  1. Play online games

Playing online games is a good way to kill time, especially on a boring day. Play soft background music and get lost in a game, either solo or with friends. There are plenty of interesting free online games. I would recommend OK KO Let's Be Heroes and The Sorcerer to challenge your mind. 

  1. Take a walk

Leaving your apartment at this point may seem like a bad idea, but it will help your situation. Focus on experiencing nature, soak in the vitamin D and stay aware of your surroundings by simply watching people. Walking is even better with a friend. Try to walk at least 10,000 steps per day, which is a mile and a half or roughly 7 kilometers. Make a commitment to yourself to be a nature-seeking machine.

To combat the feelings of anxiety, boredom and loneliness, try going to a live performance, meeting up with friends for a drink, going to a yoga class, going on a nature walk – whatever it takes to keep you from becoming too bummed out by your situation

  1. Paint 

You do not have to be talented or experienced to paint. All you need is paint, canvas, and a little bit of inspiration. I would recommend painting abstracts for a start. Crayola has a good selection of Crayola’s Parisian Sunset Eyeshadow & Nail Polish Set Eyeshadow and Nail Polish sets, and the company is always coming up with innovative new sets and shades. You can easily find them at any local drugstore or shop.

You also do not have to be able to draw or even have much skill at painting to create great art. Painting is full of strategy and trial and error, which will build your understanding of how to use color and composition in a way that is both pleasing to the eye as well as the brain. I found that I was much better at painting when I kept going even though what I was making was not much good compared to what I knew I could make if I took my time.

  1. Clean out and organize your wardrobe

When your closet is full of clothes you have barely worn in a while, you should not even get bored at all. Take all your clothes and shoes out and separate them in-keep and dispose of categories. You can choose to sell, donate, or DIY the ones in the dispose category. 

  1. Throw a party

You are probably bored because you feel lonely and a good party will help with that. Invite all your friends and spend time together drinking and listening to music. It will lift your spirits. 

  1. Facetime a friend

Catching up with a friend will help elevate your moods. Facetime your friend instead of texting and leverage the opportunity of chatting up your friend face to face to draw contentment. Your friend will offer the much needed company from your screen. 

  1. Redecorate your house

You can always move things around your house and create new aesthetics. Use up the time instead of sitting bored to redecorate. Move furniture around and maybe install beautiful wallpapers to elevate the aura. 

  1. Journal

Your boring moment is a great idea to start your journal. Write down what you are feeling at the moment and your life at large. It will help you stay busy while working out your emotions. 

  1. Go shopping 

Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself, you can get out and go shopping at various city malls. Who knows, you might find amazing things at the market for your troubles. 

  1. Make cocktails 

Look to learn new tricks and recipes online and emulate them. A drink would help a lot on a boring day, so channel your inner mixologist and make yourself delicious cocktails. 

Pick any of your favorites from the list and have fun either indoors or outdoors.  


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