Are free psychic reading sites legitimate?

Liv Butler
Authored by Liv Butler
Posted Thursday, December 30, 2021 - 7:35am

At times in your life, you may feel lost, depressed, or afraid. During these times, you may opt to seek the services of a psychic reader to help you solve the issue. Some psychic readers offer their services online, offering you the freedom you need to talk to them. The main problem is identifying the legitimate sites from the many in the market.

Yes, there are free legitimate psychic reading sites, but you need to be careful. Here is a list of the essential things you should do when choosing a legitimate psychic reading site.


First, you need to spend time doing your homework and coming up with a list of legitimate psychics. Take note of those who specialize in the kind of service you are looking for. Many psychics claim to be experts in all areas, but it is better to choose a professional on the specific problem you have. For instance, if you need help with a relationship, you need to look for one who offers guidance and help on that.

You can ask around for recommendations from online communities and groups or even friends. Not all free psychic readings sites are genuine. Some are more interested in defrauding people. The best sites are those with good reviews.

So, read customer and experts’ reviews to learn more about a medium. Actually, some review sites have the best readers that offer free minutes to their clients at no cost. You can take advantage of these minutes to test a medium and know what to expect.  

Know More About the Industry

You need to explore and familiarize yourself with everything about psychic readings, from what it is to what you can expect. Some people think that a reader can tell you everything about your life. If you seek reading with such expectations, you may fall into the hands of scammers claiming to have supernatural abilities. So, the more you know about this industry, the better to avoid disappointments.

Too Many Questions

If the reader you choose is asking too many questions, there is a high probability they are not genuine. A legitimate reader does not require too much personal information to answer your questions. You should not explain things but answer with a “yes” or “no,” If you need to elaborate, keep your answers short.

Others may need to ask questions that are more reflective. However, they should not ask too much. A legitimate reader uses their gifts with the basic information you provide to make their own conclusion. Then share the information they get with you to help you overcome your situation.

Most genuine readers ask for your name and date of birth. However, if they keep asking you questions, then chances are you are not talking to a real psychic. They are probably scammers who are doing a cold reading on you. The best way to know a psychic is genuine is if they offer you advice and answer more questions than they ask.

Avoid 100% Accurate Claims

It is important to look out for readers who claim their readings are 100% accurate all the time. Even if you want to believe that readers are super-beings with supernatural abilities, that is not the case. Psychics are human beings, and they are bound to make mistakes.

Genuine readers are supposed to help you gain clarity and spiritual insight into your life and how to overcome certain issues. They should not claim to know everything about your future and tell you everything about you. If you come across such sites, avoid them and keep on searching for legitimate psychics.

Avoid Independent Psychic

Search for reputable and well-known psychic websites specific to your needs. Selecting an independent reader is not a good idea since the probability of being conned is high. Tested websites with good reliable reviews are a good go-ahead.

Such sites have experienced psychics specialized in different aspects. With them, you have the freedom to choose a psychic and book a session that is more convenient for you. They also offer good customer service and assistance any time of the day.


Experience is another critical thing to consider. To become an expert, they need to be in business for a long period so that they acquire the necessary ability and skills. When readers have more experience, the readings will be more accurate. Also, keep in mind that some readers are more gifted than others are.

To get genuine free psychic readings sites, you need to be vigilant. With so many psychics in the market, it can be confusing, but these tips will help you choose a genuine one.


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