10 ways to pass time on the internet

Frank Parker
Authored by Frank Parker
Posted Tuesday, December 21, 2021 - 11:52am

It’s been another year that has divided the nation. Either you’ve been busy working throughout the pandemic, or you’ve been furloughed, working from home, or in varying states of lockdown with hours of nothing to do!

As we continue into 2022 and face the prospect of a few more days and nights spent indoors and under restrictions, here’s a round up of a few of the ways you can pass the time on the internet. Let’s check them out!

  1. Research historical events that happened on your birthday

This is a good way to learn all of the things that have happened on your birthday each year! It’s also fun to find out which famous people you share a birthday with! We guarantee this will pass hours and when you’ve exhausted your own birthday, move on to your family’s birthdays!

  1. Go travelling on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Arts & Culture

These past few years have seriously restricted everyone’s chance to see the world so why not tour the world from your living room! Granted, it’s not the exact same as actually going but you could take a look at some of your ideal travel destinations to get a preview before actually jetting off. We all know what a great tool Google Maps and Google StreetView can be but for a bird’s-eye view of the planet, Google Earth is one of the most intriguing tools out there.

And let’s not forget about Google Arts & Culture – the number 1 place to view some of the world’s most popular museums, galleries and monuments from the comfort of your own sofa.

  1. Have a go at some online casino games

Love nothing better than a quick spin on the slots or a game of Black Jack at the casino? Why not head online and find the virtual equivalent! This can be a fun way to pass the time and make some money as well. Fruity Slots is a fantastic tool to help you find and compare some of the best and most reputable gambling sites out there today.

  1. Look up your family history

Ever wondered if you’re descended from royalty? Well, you could spend an evening finding out! There are hundreds of websites out there that let you take a look at your family history and help you to find out where you came from.

  1. Watch concerts on YouTube

Although it’s no stand-in for the real thing, watching concerts from your favourite band online is the next best thing to replace the concerts we’ve missed out on this past two years.

  1. Learn a language

Whether a coding language, sign language, or Spanish, there are dozens of ways you can learn a new language online. Check out YouTube videos, free eBooks, and sites dedicated to learning a language and pass some of your free time online.

  1. Do an online course

In the spirit of expanding your mind, why not try an online short course. A few universities offer free short courses to help you learn new skills in your free time.

  1. Read comics and eBooks

There are a number of places you can do this. You can find books that are out of copyright, including lots of classics, and comics from online creators. Read them to pass the time!

  1. Learn a new craft

Have you always wanted to learn how to make your own clothes? Or learn how to knit a woolly hat? Or maybe how to paint a landscape? Well, the internet is a haven of all things arts and crafts, and we’d challenge you to find a skill you can’t learn online! Check out online videos in knitting techniques, paint alongs, and step-by-step guides and master the skill you’ve always wanted to learn!

  1. Learn to cook


This may start online but it will end in the kitchen! Check out your favourite chefs YouTube channel, find food bloggers instructions, or just look up some new and interesting recipes. Learning to cook is really easy online and a really great skill to develop next time you’re bored!

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