Writing tips for a college admission essay

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Wednesday, July 29, 2020 - 1:35am

Writing your college admission essay does not have to be a difficult task. Most of it is writing about yourself, and you should know yourself pretty well, so it should be easy. Here are a few tips to help you along your way.

Don’t put a famous quote in it

Do not do it unless your application essay strictly asks for one. Everybody puts an inspirational quote at the top of their essays in order to accurately represent their take on life, and admin staff has heard them all. Just don’t do it.

Be very concise with your college paper

You need to write a very large essay and fill it with every point that you can. Then you need to take it and trim it down to a massive extent. You need to pick through every sentence and paragraph and trim it down so that only the perfect parts remain.

Never be negative

Do not make excuses for the mistakes of your past or a brief period of low grades. Do not explain why you have had such a hard time and how you have persevered. They are looking for very positive people who finish their studies and see through a college assignment because they enjoy it so much. Tell them how every subject you cover is a new adventure, and how learning has opened up a whole new world for you.

Write about how proud you are of yourself

Again, do not say you are proud because you had a hard time and endured. Say you are proud of yourself because you worked so hard and that you earned your grades.

Create a plan for your essay

You need this in order to keep your college essay coherent and structured. Plan your essay in sections and make each section perfect before collecting them all together onto your essay.

Use humour sparingly

Humour is very subjective, and the stuff you think is hilarious is not going to appeal to everybody. Keep it very light hearted and check with friends and family to see if it could be interpreted the wrong way.

Proofread your essay twice

The first time is as you write each section individually. Check to see if each section is perfect before putting it all together in one essay. The second time is when you have put all of your essay together. Check it for flow, coherence and structure as well as checking for typos and incorrect grammar. Consider hiring a professional custom essay writing service like EssaySupply or at least, a proofreading / editing service to pick up on the mistakes you missed.

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