University ranks 49th best institution in the world

The Leiden University World Rankings shows that the University of Exeter ranks 49th best institution in the world.  The rankings provide a measurement of the scientific impact and performance of 500 major universities worldwide and their involvement in scientific collaboration.

Positioning within the rankings is based on the number of citations quoted in highly respected and influential journals.  This shows that Exeter’s high quality research has been referenced by other academics in major journals.

According to the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2013 is based on Web of Science indexed publications from the period 2008-2011, the University of Exeter is:

  • 26th in the world in life and earth sciences (4th in the UK)
  • 41st in the world natural sciences and engineering (1st in the UK)
  • 74th  in the world bio-medical and health sciences (14th in the UK)
  • 92nd in the world social sciences and humanities (10th in the UK)

Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice Chancellor of the University of Exeter said: “These are interesting tables since they measure the quality of research outputs rather than the quantity. This illustrates that academics from the University of Exeter are making significant contributions to the development and understanding within their respective areas of research.”

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