Top 12 educational websites for a Ph.D. Student

Sam Richards
Authored by Sam Richards
Posted Monday, January 27, 2020 - 6:29am

If you thought college was hard, you should know that a Ph.D. program is much tougher. The expectations are higher and so is the workload. But Ph.D. students don't have to tackle these challenges on their own, not when the internet has so many helpful tools designed to make the average Ph.D. Student's life easier, websites such as these:


ERIC stands for Education Resources Information Center and it is the perfect resource for every Ph.D. student. It falls under the umbrella of the United States National Library of Education which should give you an idea of what to expect. 

The resource can be accessed over the internet and it has an extensive collection of journals, articles, conference papers, and research reports, to mention but a few. If your dissertation requires a lot of research, you will appreciate ERIC. 

2) Cosmo Learning

This is a multi-layered website. It will give you all the material you need to perform your research. But it also has 58 courses that students can use to augment their knowledge. The website combines a research resource with a learning platform.


High school and college students are not the only ones that require the services of writing websites. Omnipapers reviews hundreds of writers with experience in a wide variety of fields every day. The website also has supervisors to watch over them. If you need help completing some of your assignments, you can rely on this platform to get you out of a pinch.


This isn't a research or educational tool. If you are thinking about pursuing an online Ph.D. program, will guide you through the process of identifying the best institutions. It does this by not only ranking the available options but also presenting all the information associated with each program that you might require to make an educated decision.

5) Bartleby

Bartleby was designed for students that are pursuing writing courses. It has a database constituting the most popular published works in the world. It offers both fiction and non-fiction works that you can use to secure helpful references for your papers. 

6) TED Talks

Some people dismiss TED Talks. Some argue that the platform offers more entertainment than it does educational value. That attitude makes sense for high school or college students. But Ph.D. students realize that TED Talks is a highly insightful source of educational multimedia content. 

And unbeknownst to so many people, they offer everything from audiobooks to translators and partnership programs. Their products are not restricted to the presentations people see on video sharing websites.

7) EDX

This website is the Ph.D. student's class away from the classroom. The tool will strengthen your understanding of the fields and subjects you are pursuing in your Ph.D. program. Not only do they provide you with homework assignments but they offer certificates to their most diligent users. 

8) Khan Academy

Khan Academy is comparable to a coaching program. If you need help getting a handle on your studies but you lack the financial muscle to secure an experienced tutor, this resource has you covered. Because it has partnered with institutions like the California Academy of Science and even NASA, you can take comfort in the fact that all the information they present is up-to-date.

9) Coursera

Coursera isn't just an educational aid for Ph.D. students. It works as a Ph.D. program. Coursera has secured partnerships with universities from all over the world. Not only will it help you select the best Ph.D. programs but it will give you the platform you need to pursue them. They even offer financial aid to desperate students.

10) Niche

This is another tool that you can use to locate a suitable institution through which to pursue your Ph.D. program. It gives you figures, statistics, school rankings, and even student reviews. You are expected to use that information to find a program that suits your needs.

11) Udacity

This is one of the more interesting resources on this list. Rather than aiding your research or directly influencing your education, Udacity connects you to mentors from institutions like IBM and Stanford. They create a pathway for Ph.D. students to break into the corporate world.

12) Scholarpedia

If you are a diligent Ph.D. student who loves to write papers, you will appreciate this website which is designed to take your articles and publish them after they have been peer-reviewed. You can also use the resource to access the articles and papers that other students have written.


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