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Exeter School
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Posted Monday, July 22, 2019 - 10:41pm

Exeter School Lower Sixth Former Eddy Lister featured on BBC Radio One's podcasts, Life Hacks, talking about his Young Enterprise (YE) team's Mindfulness card game.

The YE team devised the game as a way of tackling anxiety and entrepreneurial Eddy contacted the radio station as a way of promoting his product.

Lower Sixth Formers James Broderick and James Heard joined YE Advisor Ian McGregor on the trip to BBC Broadcasting House, London, where Eddy was interviewed by broadcaster Katie Thistleton.

The YE team - FireDragons - came up with the mindfulness card game to help fellow pupils deal with exam stress and other pressures. Their product has taken off with Kitsons Solicitors, HSBC and Stephens Scown, amongst others, placing orders. Educational institutions, including Plymouth University and local schools have also placed orders.

Eddy said he really enjoyed the experience and thanked Head of Economics Stuart Mackintosh and his YE advisor Ian McGregor for their support.

"Afterwards, we were all buzzing with happiness, knowing that it had been a very fun yet very successful day," said Eddy.

The interview can be listened to at one minute:

The team has now set up as an independent business in order to spread the concept and idea, and have patent pending on their idea.

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