Pupils' work shortlisted for national award

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Posted Thursday, May 31, 2018 - 4:14pm

The artwork of two Exeter School pupils has received recognition in a prestigious national award.

William Dean and Lydia Brookes-Ferrari's biological specimen drawings made the shortlist of the Nancy Rothwell Competition.

The national competition is an opportunity for pupils to combine their artistic talents with detailed observations and anatomical knowledge.

Exeter School's Art and Biology departments encouraged pupils to enter the national competition run by the Society of Biology.

Twelve-year-old William sketched a black and yellow beetle.

He said Art and Science were two of his favourite subjects so the competition was too good to miss.

"Drawing has always been something I've enjoyed in my spare time. I can't resist drawing animals when I have the chance, especially if there's an award involved!

"One of my dream jobs is to be a famous artist that can draw landscapes or animals perfectly and to be known around the world!"

Ten-year-old Lydia made a watercolour study of a corn snake after looking after the school's corn snake over the holidays.

"I really enjoyed combining my love of Art and Science and researching the anatomy of a snake," she said.

"I hope to be a vet when I am older and this was an ideal opportunity to study an animal up close."